Dear Internets,


Your order has been shipped! Have sweeter words ever been written in e-mail format? While the entire universe seem to suddenly be getting around in Adidas superstars, I find myself looking for something different. Ever the sneaker fan, I would get around in kicks all day long if I could, I just wish everyone didn’t hop on the same specific bandwagon at the same time.


Perhaps not wanting the supers because everyone has them is a “reverse 90’s Nike air jordan hipster complex” (In which case I’ll admit it) or perhaps the world needs to find another fun sneaker to fee cute and comfortable in. For that I turned to Reebok‘s collaboration with FACE cosmetics stockholm. Never one to walk away from a beautiful pastel, this little beauty sat in my UO/Glue store (for those playing at home) shopping cart for a very long time.


Finally my “screw it let’s do it!” shopping attitude took over and in a frenzy I pressed the check out button. At $100 they are reasonably priced and there are options for the less pastel appreciating shoppers among you. For me it was always a uneven competition between lilac ice, opal and dessert stone. Now the only thing left is to wait by the door longingly and hide my purchase from the hubby while simultaneously expecting him to notice my new shoes. What this ole thing?



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