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Taking up a little corner of Audley st in Petersham, where the grumpy barista used to live; number 110 to be exact, is The Tiny GIANT. A little cafe with a large Instagram following, thanks to its pink fairy floss topped french toast and cronuts. It’s easy to get drawn in by the bombardment of enticing snaps so naturally I wanted to try it out for  myself.


On a weekday this cafe, though tiny, has plenty of tables crammed into it’s interior and outside along its exterior walls to fit you in on arrival. This is all done amazingly without making you feel like you are encroaching on another patron’s dining experience. If you are looking for an environment where people stand on chairs to take photos of their food…welcome home! Staff were warm and polite, even offering to cut up my food (stay with me) or hold my 2 month old for a little so I could eat. Fortunately I had my friend & fellow blogger Maggie with me to hog all the cuddles.


We ordered a mocha and flat white and it was well made but as a mother of 2 little kids, just not enough in one cupful. Unfortunately their Campos coffee does not come administered via a drip and yes I did thoroughly debate getting a second cup of the liquid gold.


For lunch I ordered the Smashed peas which came with toast, a parmesan crisp, ample prosciutto and buratta cheese all drizzled in the perfect amount of pesto. I was slightly shy of finishing my meal and it was delish! Maggie ordered smashed avocado with fetta and a side of prosciutto. If I were her, I would have been thoroughly disappointed that the avocado experienced no brutality like the name would suggest and the fetta was served on the side. I like mine all mushed together,maintaining some texture of course and i should know; it’s one of my favorites. All said and done, she did eat it rather happily.


They are currently offering one Tiny Giant customer a delicious BRUNCH for 4. Enter by taking a photo from your visit, use our location tag & #thetinygiantpetersham + #thetinygiantbrunch. Some images in this post from their facebook page.

Overall : 4/5
Ambience : 3/5
Staff: 5/5
Food: 4/5
Coffee: 4/5


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