Dear Internets,


Hair envy is an easy thing. With so many super styled, unimaginably pastel mermaid dreams looking hairstyles out there on social media, it’s easy to want what you don’t have. When I had long colored hair, I longed for the days of chic, short hydrated inky jet black locks. Now that I have wavy LOB length jet black hair, I dream of my long haired days forgetting the dried out bleach bombed nightmare that frizzed at the drop of…well a drop of anything.


Inevitably like the circle of life, the ‘short-long-colour-dramatic chop’ cycle of my hair will no doubt continue. Like putting nail polish on to stop nail biting, I’ve bought a dreamy grey curled wig to wear when my fingers get itchy for scissors and a packet of dye. I love this old lady gray but I’m secretly hoping I’ll get over it and live happily ever after with long curly black hair. Chances are I’ll just get over wigs and go for it when my hair is long enough, sighting this test drive as ample research. What do you think, should I just toast to my future high maintenance self?


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