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Because the latest Heinui campaign reminds me of 90’s pink and blue fete fairy floss, ikea and hiding under doonas (maybe in Ikea), which in my opinion is always a good thing. French fashion designer, Claire Pignot, whose name I’m surely mispronouncing, has a collection that really appeals to my love of chucking on a simple dress that makes you appear more planned and thoughtful.


The thick coats,  smock dresses with squiggly line prints and simple silhouettes scream luxury in comfort – an aesthetic, nay, way of life, I have been embracing ever since I became a mother 3 years ago. There’s a little french chic in every ensemble, which in itself has undeniable appeal. I mean sure Australia can do a great unique landscape and India has it’s numeracy geniuses but have you heard our accent?



I definitely recommend checking out the collections, both past and present, just make sure you don’t float away in the process.


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