Dear Internets,


Who would have thought a shopping trip with my mum to DFO & more specifically Bed Bath N Table, would result in a life long (over dramatic) longing for a breifly spotted silver serving platter . Ok so I almost always want something for the house but anything remotely sarcastic or pun-my has a better chance.


In school, my English teacher thought black comedy, puns and sarcasm was the basest form of humour. Suffice to say I had little respect for her beyond the mandatory nerd loyalty I have for all authority. That’s why I would quite happily have all the text etched silverware & porcelain thatMud Pie Circa would deign to create & invite her over to a tea party.


Most of it is highly specific so it looks like I’m serving bread, butter, jam, guac & cake. I think I can make that work!


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