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What do you do when you make too much icing while putting together some food for your sister-in-laws baby shower?It is a very specific hypothetical but I think the intelligent response is to either throw it away or if you have another occasion coming up, use it for that. My response was to make a whole new cake to pair with the salted caramel icing I made. Turned out to be the best tasting cake I’ve made in a long time!


I used the recipe for french apple cake from once upon a chef which I found here with a few tweaks:

  • I only used 1/2 a cup of sugar because my family and I don’t have much of a sweet tooth plus there was  salted caramel icing used on top.
  • I added an extra half apple because who doesn’t like apple and I have a toddler son who occasionally abandons his sliced apple snack.
  • I used a combo of sweet fuji and granny smith apples. I’m a sucker for the tart and sweet combo plus it was in the fruit bowl.

For the icing sugar INGREDIENTS:

  • 3 cups icing sugar sifted
  • 1/3 cup of butter
  • 1 1/2 tspn caramel flavoring
  • a pinch of Himalayan pink sea salt flakes
  • 1 tbs Hershey’s cocoa powder
  • 2 tbs milk

Its as simple as creaming the butter with sugar & cocoa and folding in the remaining ingredients. Add the milk slowly. It’s an excellent consistency moderator. While a balloon whisk started the job in a burst of “lets do it old school” My arm started dieing because I’m modern and weak and I have a Breville mixer scraper pro (the best thing ever!). Last thing to remember, don’t ice something just for the sake of it or for aesthetics, make sure it adds to something to the cake.


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  1. Cocoa,at first I thought I read coconut. I was like “Nooooo it’s so pretty though!” (I hate coconut).
    Making it such a beautiful display…I couldn’t do nearly as good of a job as you! Looks yummy.

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