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Shoe collaborations have been letting me down lately so I was trying not to be so fool hardy as to get carried away the next time I heard of a new release and then VANS X TOY STORY happen. For adults of my generation it was a pervasive force in our childhood with it’s huge movie debut and subsequent sequels. It put Pixar on the map in my child brain like nothing but that parent & baby lamp cartoon could. While it’s not like Justin Beiber or Harry Potter when it comes to taking over a life, my son wears Buzz Lightyear PJs having never watched the movie. The fandom is real and somewhere in my brain or my heart, a pilot light is still on waiting for this moment.


Vans made their announcement of social media and it seems they’ve wisely decided to release November 29th, in store and online. A coincidence that it’s just before Christmas? More like great business sense; Santa baby, get me some of these kicks won’t you? And while you’re at it, an accessory or two wouldn’t go astray.

toy-story-vans-authentic-woody-700x468 s6jbvpj

Vans are not unfamiliar with a collaboration and have a pretty formulaic approach to release. Along with the variety of adult shoes with “ANDY” scrawled on the soles (I know right?!), they also have pint sized counter parts, backpacks, socks, and hats in the same print as the canvas shoes.



Considering how many hand illustrated shoes are out there with a Toy Story motif, filling some sort of void, it would seem this is a long time coming for many fans. Lets hope Santa doesn’t have too rough a time snagging these from for me because I have been a very good girl this year and the alien ones have glow in the dark eyes…need I say more.

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