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My halloween antics have somewhat tapered since I’ve had kids but this year the #BADBETI movement was just too enticing to pass up. Seeing as I was only visited by 2 teenage boys, Dorothy, Toto, a construction worker and what can only be described as a princess monster, I’m not sure it was worth them effort. Then again I’ve never really been much of a bad beti (daughter) and both my children fell asleep at the same time DURING THE DAY which can be construed as nothing less than a sign (apologies Bill Nye)!



If you know an Indian girl on social media, she probably gave the Bad Beti look a go this Halloween. I hasten to say this craze conceptualized by artist Maria Qamar is a just a make up artist’s inspiration.  To some it is the manifestation of the struggle many immigrants feel moving to a new country where everything they know is deemed weird and everything their parents don’t know is ingrained as dangerous. Fortunately she manages to put a hilariously relate-able twist on a feeling that can otherwise seems like suffocating isolation or the tentacles of rebellion, all dependent on the moment in which they choose to tickle you.



Or you find them over the top baby this stuff it too funny to be made up and too topical, considering the potential outcome of the American elections to be ignored. Is it still a faux pas to wonder who you’re voting for?



Artists always need support so if you love her stuff, print, tee’s and a myriad of other things can be found here & if you want to get me something for Christmas, two birds with one stone baby!

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  1. This is such an awesome makeup look for Halloween! 😀

    We don’t have any trick or treaters, I wonder if it will change when the boys get older..but for now it’s just a normal day for us. I’m sure the few that visited you appreciated your effort! 🙂

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