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I’ve been rediscovering the magical world of Disney through the eyes of my amazing eldest. In fact I had a conversation about the merits of the film Zootopia with 4 adults and I didn’t even bring up the topic. Combine that with the awesomeness that is 101 Dalmatians and most of the princess movies, you’re looking at many years of nostalgia. You’ve seen me rave about the Disney collabs too, because whats better than Disney apparel? Disney collaborating with one of my favourite brands, Lazy Oaf!


Naturally I told the first person I saw after I’d heard and when she asked me what that was, I turned into a teenage girl. I may have actually screamed “OH MY GOD, I can’t even. Who are you anyway? We can’t be friends anymore!” In my defense I was pretty hangry at the time. In her defense, this 15 year old UK brand that brought out my inner 15 year old, has only relatively recently made their debut in Australia and cater to a rather quirky bold aesthetic.


If you are a purist and live for the classics or of you’re super into that boyfriend/girlfriend matchy-matchy thing that catches me off guard when I go to the city on valentine’s day, the Mickey and Minnie gear is for you. Black, white and denim to make your heart smile.


If you’re a dog person, you can’t go wrong with frilly Dalmatian socks and that Lazy sweatshirt, you broody modern day emo. For the cat lady in you there’s the Aristocats gears, perfectly sugary with that “baby spice going to the 80’s in a time machine” vibe. For you princesses, Cinderella has the goods complete with bluebird assistants and a cotton candy coloured castle to boot splayed across frilled attire for your daily ball attending needs.


To make your purchase in Australia, you can go Somewhere if you’re in Melbourne, Somedays in Sydney, Atlas Divine for Perth or Violent Green in Brisbane. I follow pretty much all those store on instagram too so if this floats you’re metaphorical boat, that’s a good place to find your addiction. As always, I apologies in advance. Shop responsibly…except it’s Christmas so treat yo self……..This is why we can’t be friends.

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  1. I’d never heard of the brand before but I love the collection, so fn and nostalgic! My boys are a little way off of enjoying much Disney but I know it will come soon – already there are a few Winnie the Pooh books and toys at home! 🙂

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