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I’ve actually run out of space under my Christmas tree and have begun contemplating mounting the tree atop one of the larger gifts to reclaim floor space. Idealists often call it the season of giving and I can honestly say for me it’s about taking time to celebrate with family and to an extent the joy I get handing gifts over while simultaneously screaming “open it , open it!“. That’s one thing Santa got wrong, missing out on seeing the faces of people who get something they genuinely appreciate.


  1. Zen Wonders matcha gift set – $59 Because good matcha tea can be hard to come by. I like a little bitterness in mine without so much of that saccharine yet fishy flavour that some cups can have.
  2. Fan brush – $24 Because a little highlighter helps to distract from the sleep deprivation I wear daily
  3. Tarte cheek stain – $42 Because there’s a little “I woke up like this” undone bun vibe about any cosmetics with the word “stain” in it and undone can be fun.
  4. Kikki.k leather personal planner – $74.95 Because getting organised makes me happy.
  5. Her Signature scentMiracle ADP 30ml for $99 for me.


  6. The morning walk – $39.95 Because there’s something amazing about good stuff on walls and this summer, anything relaxing and water associated is the ticket
  7. Wacom Intuos Pro – $468 Because a girl can dream of time to draw on the computer again and dream up blog layouts and visual content.
  8. Fressko 500 ml bottle – $49.95 Because I love tea and lemon infused water is good for you and this baby does both without getting tea leaves and fruit in your gob. Win!
  9. It cosmetics brush set – $110 Because the quality of the brush matters just as much as the quality of the makeup and apart from my two MAC brushes, things ain’t cutting it. I stole my blush brush from mum and I’m pretty sure it’s older than I am….that woman rarely indulges for herself.


  10. Peter Alexander boy shorts – $49.95 Because sometimes you want some coverage in your shorts with comfort and cuteness too. I live in shorts and singlets in summer, and around the house, this style is it. Love the $12 version at Big W too.
  11. Hoop earrings – $139 Because J.Lo knows they never go out of style and so do I. Love me a little drama Gretchin.
  12. Signet ring – $125 Because they are pretty, personal and aren’t just for men.
  13. Sailor moon wand earrings – $45 Because I’m re-watching sailor moon crystal on crunchyroll and wanting collection has kick ass things in her store.
  14. Neptune’s treasure tiara – $200 Because I borrowed a crown from mt friend made by sneaky peek and have never recieved so many compliments. My son asked if I was a queen and i said “yes, yes I am” and a queen needs her crown.
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