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For those playing along on social media, you may have noticed my recent insomnia. It’s getting so bad my body seems to have adjusted and now I can’t sleep on time even if my kids allow it and all because of TEETHING. Yes its that dreaded word that even looks like it should be spoken with a clentched jaw. Thank God the baby I’ve been dealing with actually likes Sophie the giraffe and frozen teething rings. His favorite however has to be the Boon Pulp

For a few years net feeders have been the way to easily introduce fresh fruit and vegetables to your children without having a conniption on whether or not their going to choke on fibers. I understand the logic but have you ever tried to clean and wash those things. The concept of washing and reusing a fabric based net that has had fruit mashed to oblivious within it has always seemed really unhygenic. I was finally introduced to the Boon version and had one of those “where have you been all my life?” moments.

We have the blue and orange version but they all look good, are nice and soft, functional and exceptionally easy to clean well. I bought mine for Toys R Us but more and more stores seem to stock it in their baby section. It’s worth the few extra $.

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