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Summer time is in full swing and before the sun bows down to the autumnal rain, the freezing winters or the gale force winds of spring, I’m taking a moment to enjoy the early sun, and long nights. Everyone has their season and as long as there’s aircon, summer is mine.

We’ve been trying to soak up as much time outside growing vegetables, watching nature and just hanging out with the family. Never has a 3 year old consumed so many tomatoes as one that grows them himself. I don’t want my kids to not know what vegetable tomato sauce is made from or what a beetroot is and if you think that’s a crazy fear, you need to check this out.

Unfortunately for my diet this also means a lot of cooking. Most of the time it’s plenty of good healthy food but occasionally we run into encounters of the ice cream and chocolate variety. I cannot be blamed for the home made Tim Tams my sister made using half baked harvest’s recipe. They were ridiculously good and will stay with me for a long time, mostly around my stomach and thighs.

What’s your season and do you have any recipe’s for me to add to the collection?

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  1. Oh yum I’m going to have to check out those homemade Tim Tams! haha. Of course I’d gravitate towards the most unhealthy of the delicious meals you photographed 😉

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