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Have you had a good new years? I ended 2016 with a little holiday and started 2017 with another. Lets hope this bodes well for the year. While they were only little getaways, one a gift for Christmas, I had an amazing time. After being treated to a massage, we picked up a bite or 6 to eat at Biota in Bowral.

The summer degustation was begging for a trial and if you like bread, seafood and a touch of whimsy without any of the fussiness normally associated with a 2 chefs hatted restaurant, you are in for a treat. Our hostess was lovely and the food was so tasty, particularly as almost the entire menu “is best eaten with your fingers”. There’s something about eating with God’s given cutlery that makes food taste better, much like drinks out of glasses rather than plasticware.

We started with a fig and cheese cigar, some bread and cheeses and then the first courses; one of my favorites, a spicy squid and avocado mouthful. The egg with crab was a warm bowl of sunshine and the lavender yogurt ice cream covered in caramel that looked like peach lollipops was also rather fantastic.

The trip to Bowral from Sydney is quite pleasant as is the country town known for its patisserie, boutiques and antique stores on the main road. Frankly we’re looking for excuses to go again as soon as we can.

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