Dear Internets,

I learnt something new on holidays. Apparently mushrooms are a big this in cosmetics. Who would have thought staying at a mushroom farm would have yielded more than delicious food? Known for their phenolic compounds that combat skin ageing , hyperpigmentation, and inflammation, they are not just “meat for vegetarians” but probably in any of your creams that “evens skin tone“,”hydrates” or “repairs“. If you’re curious, there a little list of 13 examples over here.

The 10 year old me who gave up mushrooms for many years upon learning they were a fungus, would be incredibly disappointing. The grown me who at a 5 mushroom pizza sans cheese in Japan is incredibly amused by this turn around. So while you might be a champ and getting mushrooms on your fork, it might be time to get mushrooms on your face!


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