Dear Internets,

I am melting. This statement is a few degrees short of switching from figurative to literal so when I went to seek refuge in the air conditioned beverage laden oasis that is the shopping mall, I was shocked to witness winter clothes being brought in as far as the eye can see. My conclusions can be one of these two options:

  1. The merchandisers brains have been melted so much by the Australian sun that they have decided to bring in winter stock despite the very obvious evidence derived from looking outside the window
  2. A fashion season is a fashion season and nothing trivial like the weather is going to come between that schedule.

Either way, here we are wearing the bare minimum accepted by societal convention and law, while perusing snoods, beanies and coats. Thank Jesus the colors and styles coming to us this winter are theoretically* appealling. Theoretically only because looking at coats right now make me sweat glow. If the winter is coming….which despite being a summer lover, one can only hope for today it will hopefully arrive in the uniform example of Witchery. Hello Black, shell and grey! The perfect colour palette for a soft classic look and the perfect primer for the crazy colour and accessories laden lady.

Shop the future weather here.


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  1. Oh I like that bracelet in the last pic!

    I’m with you though, it’s far too hot to think about layers or winter weather!

    Hope you can stay cool this weekend.

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