Dear Internets,

I don’t know if it’s my recent obsession with Korean TV dramas or return to student life that has seen me embrace cup noodles again but here I am 5 sachets and a kettle full of water eating the definition of empty calories. Its easy, its fast, it’s cheap and spicy which shamefully takes precedence over health about once a week. Unfortunately I don’t live in an area which has embraced this love like I have so my options are rather limited. Today’s offering to the junk food gods it curry laksa “with dry tofu and vegetables”. I won’t lie, it was tasty but I feel the regret already despite retaining the skill of being able to eat this thing without splashing the soup all over my laptop.

So to get over this new habit, I implore you to suggest an alternative dinner for my uni days…for the girl who has access to endless coffee and hot water but no damn microwave.

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