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I’ve never liked  dragon fruit and now I’m certain there are daily smoothie bowl Instagramers out to lynch me but there it is. They are a pretty enough fruit, and intriguing to say the least with it’s name and unique appearance but what else? I can be shallow but seldom when it comes to fruit. Bland taste, no crunch and expensive, so what are you good for?

Turns out it serves as a wicked bowl to put matcha icecream in. Subtle so as not to overpower with a health aspect for the guilt prone and slight texture, it is the perfect supporting actress. Turns out the people out there that love dragon fruit so much, they buy it in art form, are onto something. I am forever glad for my grocery policy of purchasing something different from the fresh produce section so my family grow up knowing what things are and taste like. It is also the reason I made Kerala bitter melon fry the other day and man was that good! What have you tried that exceeded your expectations?

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  1. Dragon fruit is so so pretty, but not the tastiest indeed, I completely agree! I don’t get the obsession over chia pudding, it’s very Instagrammable indeed, and yes, many health benefits, but to say yum? Nah..
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

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