Dear Internets,

I am a chilli fan. I literally would carry hot sauce in my bag if I thought I had no access to it and I do not mean the baseball bat variety.Lots of people claim to be but I have proof in the form of 3 bottles:

  1. sambal…On most asian food and on fries with Japanese mayo, YUM!
  2. Tobasco, the giant kind you can only get at Costco
  3. Piri piri sauce from Nado’s, once again in Costco size and disappointingly not at the mouth scorching heat level I wanted but apparently they don’t sell that, possibly due to the niche market.

As you can see, any old excuse to put chilli on something will do fine by me and that includes hailing in the year of the rooster, also know to me as the sriracha mascot. To celebrate, Cotton on Body brought out some new lounge wear and it’s totally amazing! I can’t believe I didn’t notice it earlier but now that I have, thank goodness it’s on sale. I bought the cartoon-ify sriracha print top for $10 but if I’m honest, I totally need more. They have sequin chilli slippers, the logo tee as well as a slew of other snack prints like popcorn and they’ve got their  fries on you (yes, I did). I know what I’m using my MKR viewing and bottles of hot sauce as an excuse for next!

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