Dear Internets,

“Cool f+%$ing sneakers”                                                                                        “mall”

If you haven’t watched the fundamentals of caring, go do it right after you read about these shiny puppies. SO,  my birthday is approaching and the planners in my life have started asking what I would like. I, most unhelpfully, have been screaming “glitter” or “shoes” in their face because…well that’s pretty self explanatory. Fortunately for me the two worlds have again collided in the form of Opening Ceremony’s latest collaboration with Vans .

Vans have been on a roll with their old skools slowly overtaking the tour de force that was Adidas superstars. Opening Ceremony’s collaborative efforts are well known with their Adidas dalliance manifesting itself in a favourite jacket of mine. This wardrobe staple has also made me realise far too few people know the brand. With these two seasoned professionals, I know know these sneakers will be a hit.

While I know glitter is not for everyone, I will be fighting my will power on the purchase of the pink glittery pair. Why pink? Well if you’re going full glitter, you may as well go hard or go home right? In the meantime, I should get onto inventing a glitter specific cleaner and make my millions. Think happy thoughts for me won’t you?

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