Dear Internets,

The decadent Aussie Tim Tam has made it’s way around the world now and is often used as a counterbalance to poor misunderstood Vegemite. How could it possibly stand against a chocolate icing biscuit sandwich covered in more chocolate? There’s even a game called the time tam slam, designed for its maximum enjoyment. Ex pats would go to specialty store for it and then one day…someone dared to make it at home.

My sister and I often drool our laptops and Half baked harvest’s recipes so it’s unsurprising that she found one for home made Tim Tams and ran with the recipe. We (I mean she) makes them with dark chocolate(75% or over, c’mon people) and I would suggest even making them half size as I can’t get through more than that in one sitting but OH MAH GAH! Clearly I wasn’t alone in this reaction; a fact I discovered posting the photo on instagram. Best part is there’s no palm oil so you don’t have to worry about that factor! You’re welcome.

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