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Dear Internets,

Do people save up for things anymore? Any time I express wanting something, there is always someone nearby suggesting that I jut go out and get it. I have never been a fan of owing people things, least of all money…partly because I have a tendency to forget how much I borrow or loan out. Personal loans are so easy to attain and accountability so low it seems crazy not to purchase the shoes I “deserve” or the new phone I have to have.

\  Vans for Opening Ceremony pink glitter \ Stila Sunset cover eye shadow\
\Luvo phone case \ Michael Hill Opal Ring \ Balyck Reverie pearl earrings \

Oroton Ashbury clutch \Sony headphones \ Beauty and the beast is out!\
Puma Suede heart reset pink \ Kailijumei lipstick \ Fantastic beasts and where to find them \

I enjoy saving up to buy things and the guilt free feeling of success when I make a fancy purchase. In my mind I’m walking through the store making it rain hundees like it ain’t no thing (yes I get a little ghetto in my mind). My birthday is coming up which makes things a little easier but even with lists, I seem to want things that are challenging to find. Only makes sense to curate a shopping list here to keep tabs on and tick off as I save and go, like a chore chart filling up with gold stars.

In the meantime I will continue my search for a lovely art deco ring to wear daily. I remember my mum used to wear a garnet one and I marveled at it constantly as a child but that could have something to do with her gorgeous hands too. That is the point of  birthday gift. It should be something that makes the giftee feel something and that they probably wouldn’t get for themselves. Are you saving up for anything?

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  1. My sister was just showing me those lipsticks the other day, they look so incredibly cool although they are a bit expensive so I can see why they’re on your “to save for” list! Hope you manage to get most of this before or for your birthday 🙂

    I have to save for things too, it’s more special when you’re working towards a reward even if the reward is shopping, haha!

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