Dear Internets,

I have been stuck at home with a sick child, not feeling very human. I just need you to have the backdrop to my mental snap. So it’s day four and the baby finally decides to have a day nap. These are the moments everyone implores you to nap too but they haven’t seen my house lately or me for that matter. Now here’s where the snap comes in : I on the other hand decided that if I need to steam mop the floor where my eldest has decided to accidentally “stwert” chocolate milk( a sometimes food I seldom give him and apparently with good reason) AND proof pizza dough for dinner (on the one day it decided to be cold) THEN I was going to do it with some make up on.

Armed with 10 minutes, glitter, massive will power and the assurance no one would see me, I decided to send off the crazy eyelashes I wore at a much greater frequency prior to getting married, in one last wear! Had the neighbors peered in as diligent neighbors in the suburbs sometimes do, they would have found a lady who has been on the phone with her bank far too many times this week steam mopping with a full face of make up and her beloved PJs. In a way it’s good if they think I’m nuts. Perhaps they’ll stop using the street like a parking lot and tempting my desire to put My little pony stickers all over their paintwork .

On a professional note : The electric purple on my eye lids and lips is from colour pop super shock eyeshaddow in lace.To tell the truth, I was super shocked. I love their lipsticks but the pigment in this just did not come to the party.I used so much and the best applicator was my pinkie finger. The brushes  I had were just not having a bar of it. I have used it effectively as a fun highlighter but that’s where the joy of it ends for me.

Made the neighbours think I’m crazy, chores done, yummy pizza and a make up review. While I probably would have adored a nap, that was the most productive hour in a long time. This paired with my wearing a glittery princess crown every time I do paper work really has me on my way to meeting my goal of being an eccentric old lady in the future. Do you have any crazy indulgences?

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  1. When your makeup looks this good I think you should take the opportunity to wear it when and wherever – even if it’s just catching up on housework! Those eyelashes are incredible.

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