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My birthday wish list (here) featured many things, and let’s just say I’m still aspiring to acquire all of them. So, when one last bout of gifted dolla dolla bills rolled in, I just couldn’t help but scratch one particularly pretty item off! I seldom give money as gifts but when I do, I’d like to know its being spent on something the recipient would ordinarily not been able to justify spending on themselves. Lets just say gilded jelly flower colour changing lipstick is not on the top of my essentials list but it sure features rather high on my “oh yay!” list, and there in lies the joys of life.(Continue reading for discount code!)

With Kailijumei’s ‘EASTER10‘ discount code, the  Instagram sensation that unites science and make up was only USD$17 & I just could not say no to that. This includes the $4 they charged for shipping which any Australian will tell you is just phenominal.

What else do you need to know?

  • The jelly lippies apply clear and over several minutes colour pink based on the pH of your lips. Its essentially a cosmetic pH test
  • The biggest variant is in the colour of the flower within. This is not representative of the shade
  • All roads lead to pink and swatches are available on the website.
  • Some of the lipsticks have a push button release on top…don’t break it trying to open it for the first time. How tragic would that be.
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  1. These are beautiful, thanks for sharing the discount code! I was going to get a few for my sister for her birthday but 20-40 days shipping on top of a 7 day processing time is a bit long. I guess that’s why shipping is so cheap!

    Hope you are having a great start to the week and had a nice weekend 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

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