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Looking for the perfect Mother’s day gift? Put down the supermarket catalog, it’s probably not in there. Every year I want pretty much the same thing for mothers day and it can’t be found in a catalog. Then there are the bonus gifts that can be wrapped and that I’d be wrapped with so here are my top 5 from both categories:

TOP 5, Can’t be wrapped:

  1. Heart felt and home made little things from the kids…& if it’s breakfast, please let it be toast related or bought.
    I’ve had coffee end up on the sheets and crunchy eggs so toast shows the effort of waking up early without me having to clean up after or experience salmonella. Cards and other hand made stuff is cuuuuute!
  2.  One meal without a trace of my effort in it.
    I won’t get to groceries, make the booking, choose the cuisine, pick it up or wash up afterwards. I love cooking and that still sounds like heaven to me.
  3. Lets hang out…somewhere I can’t see the laundry pile up.
    I really enjoy a fun outing with the family. Lots of laughs, usually one less meal to prepare and getting out of that 9-5 routine, yes! My mum tends to enjoy this more when it’s somewhere fancy with campaign.
  4. Send me away for part of the day.
    Preferably for a solo activity I wouldn’t normally indulge in where I won’t be missing the fam too much or out with a girlfriend or two. Massage, facial, a class of some sort aligned with my interest are all pretty good.
  5. I never asked but it happen.
    There is nothing quite like approaching a chore only to find out it’s been done. That’s how babies are made folks, lol

Top 5, In the gift bag.

General tip: do your research. Your mum probably doesn’t need 7 hot water bottles and 3 pairs of  fluffy slippers.

  1. For the mum who’s an early riser.
    It’s cold in the southern hemisphere and if mum doesn’t already have one, she needs a robe. For a touch of luxury, go for an extra fancy soft one, the likes of which your mother could never justify buying for herself. MyHouse have ones with mum embroidered on the corner but I’ve been getting ones liked these from Sheriden personalized with names as gifts.
  2. For the mums who love flowers.
    Flowers fade but vases, not so much. I’ll have them any which way; from a market, Aldi, servo, florist or your garden, as long as I can put them in a gorgeous vase out where they can cheer me on, daily. My favorite kind at the moment are by Lovestar. They have glitter hearts for the sparkle lover, iconic females faces (Iris Apfel) or just something minimal  for the classic bouquet enthusiast.
  3. For the mum who needs coffee to function.
    I can’t say I am one of these mums but coffee is getting damn expensive and lugging multiple children (my own, don’t worry) , to the local is an exhausting experience. Good coffee culture has made me a snob, so the concept of having a machine right at my finger tips is looking very attractive. I like the ESSENZA MINI Breville in grey because it takes up so little bench space and Nespresso have a pod recycling program. Also my kitchen is a haven for Breville products and I do love them dearly but if you aren’t sure, get a second opinion.
  4. For the nostalgic mum.
    I’m no Angelina Jolie but I’d love to have a little reminder with me when I’m away, of my rays of sunshine that drove me to start drinking coffee. Coordinate collection do that in such an interesting and subtle way, no tattoos required. Their antique gold, plated legend ring  is perfect for the mum of one with just you as the apple of her eye, but if you’ve started an orchard, I’d suggest the open air bangle. This is a great one for dad’s who struggle with gift ideas and are buying on their children’s behalf. Adding another child to your brood and need a gift, BAM, another bangle!
  5. For the mum who likes to wake up and make up.
    Mums generally tend to look after others better than themselves. They certainly don’t have the time to clean their make up brushes as often as they should, let alone justify buying a whole new set. Get her started at Spectrum. The pearly queen brush set is fun and come in a comprehensive collection so she’s not using one brush to do everything. The added bonus that they’re gorgeous and come in a little clam shell bag might even get you out of gift wrapping. For Aussies who want something closer to home, try Mermaid salon. They announce on Instagram when they will be restocking and it’s happening soon!

Now as a mum who has happily received make up, electric palm sanders, a kitchen mixer pro and various other amazing yet diverse gifts under the sun, this list is not exhaustive. I only speak for myself but my favorite gifts are the ones thought out and tailored to me. As a child I never understood this, but at the end of the day, it really is the thought that counts!

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  1. I’d love so many things on your list! 🙂 The coordinates bracelet is a great idea too! I got one with the coordinates of where my boys were born (both at the same hospital in adjacent rooms!). It’s a nice little memento to have on my wrist every day.

    Hope you are having a great weekend 🙂 I like your new blog header too! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

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