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I can’t believe have quickly time flies. You know that almost annoying last chance rack in your fave store? Well that’s what the entire Lazy oaf pop up is going to be as of tomorrow! They are packing up shop and going back to the country they came from and soon will be noting but a lusty twinkle in your international shipping budget. Oh what’s that you say? You don’t have a international shipping budget?




Sarahteaa and I went along to the launch to be met with a hot-dog stand, cocktails and an array of pretty things neatly arranged around sweets. Now it’s your turn to touch them, try them but try not to look too strange doing it. I promise it will only take a few minutes to convince yourself you need to reward yourself with a little gift this christmas. Why not make them fluffy, with googly eyes? At launch, Sarahteaa and I found far too many faves. From the classic cereal print shirt to the Garfield backpack and slogan tees.




Being one of the few brands designed creatively for both men and women, I found myself perusing both section and not with the man in mind. Dissappointed we couldn’t buy it all, we stole away a midst the vodka plied rabble to a little book store to wile away the night. Lazy Oaf, we hope you felt welcome enough in Oz to open up shop permanently some time. We promise to be worth the long distance relationship.



Dear Internets,


For years, I’ve been a devotee ever since my discovery of UK brand Lazy Oaf on Asos. It’s overflowed here with the release of their Garfield collaboration and now I have exciting news: Lazy Oaf is popping up down under! During 27th Nov to 13th Dec, Lazy Oaf will be squatting at 17 Oxford Street, Sydney in the former ASSIN store.



For three weeks you will great free reign over all their collections, all of which I would love for Christmas…or I guess you could be sane and buy something for someone you actually know, like yourself. Lazy Oaf may be too hot for Santa to handle.



Their range is superb both for men and women and tend to feature crudely drawn food, bold text, and iconic characters. The strange mix of power-puff cute, cooler than ice, batsh*t crazy is just something that resonates with me.They keep offering me spooky eyes, 80’s advertising and mickey mouse white gloves and I keep lapping it up. If you too love a little sunshine and quirky in your wardrobe,  I would definitely recommend a look in before all the best pieces disappear.





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Last week marked the celebration of American lifestyle brand; Fossil’s 30th Birthday at their Bondi Junction store. 3 glorious decades culminated in the artwork installation pictured above, made from the iconic Fossil watch tins . A symbol of the infinite possibilities of life on the open road, we took photos and enjoying a culinary trip around America to match. Mini hot dogs, fried chicken, hamburgers, cake pops and popcorn in the company of Sydney creatives and the musical stylings of The Voice’s Alex Gibson.


The custom made car will be on display at Westfield Bondi Junction until the 5th of October, after which it hits the open road and heads over the Emporium Melbourne shopping center from the 9th to 12th October. If you are feeling inspired and want to take a tin home, you should definitely pick up a watch. I have a Jacqueline steel watch which I am completely in love with paired here with my Fossil leather clutch. If sales and handbags are more your speed, I have my eye on the Vintage Archive weekender and memoir diary clutch. For the men, there’s the Estate casual leather backpack, which if I’m honest I want too. Yes I am a very greedy girl.


img_8584LtoR: Andrea, Warren & pixelhazard

Champagne celebrations, the right mood and a spring night calls for a tried and tested favorite: vibrant jumpsuit, duster, dark lips and sleek hair. While they say you are only as old as you feel, it can be said that you are only as good as you feel too. Whats more reliable than a 30 year old classic?


Pixelhazard wears:
Coat | Asos Tall duster
Jumpsuit | Sheike Mindgames
Choker | Asos, similar here
Shoes | Staccato similar here


Dear Internets,

Skagen satchel

It’s been a while now since I’ve fallen in love with the Danish style ethos which clashes with my personal style. It crept in with a few items from Ikea and now it’s infiltrated my accessories. I blame Skagen and their impossibly slim watches with a beautiful story and heritage. Easily explained away by my love for watches. THEN I attended the launch for their newly released bags and jewelry.

Skagen weave tote in sand

Transcending seasons, the black, stone, grey and sand leathers are sleek, simple and timeless. The brand draws it’s inspiration for it’s namesake town and the colours, textures and lifestyle entrenched in it’s surroundings. Their biggest customers are those return to the quality and consistency you can seldom rely on in a trend driven environment. For me it’s the dulcid hues and buttery soft texture that melts my steely resolve not to shop, as soon as I spot them. Exclusive to David Jones, you may even find yourself pacing suspiciously past them on your lunch break. I opted for the less creepy but equally strange enduring embrace when I spotted the Skagen Anja tote weave.


Maggie from La Petite Mademoiselle was more of a Skagen Mikkeline satchel girl and champagne girl on the night but then who wouldn’t be? The launch on the seventh floor of the Elizabeth street David Jones was beautiful. We got a lovely taste of what Skagen was all about, at the ‘hygge  complete with little handmade Froebel stars for our Christmas tree (how to here).

Skagen jewellery

Perhaps if I buy hubs (hater of wearing watches) a Skagen which is functional without felling cumbersome, my multiple bag purchases will be less noticeable. That’s how fashion maths works right? On the other hand Christmas is coming up and I’ve been very good. Maybe I can give Santa a little hand because I’m sure he’s very busy.

Skagen satchel

Wearing feat Sakegen Bag:

Maxi dress : The perfect LBD
Bag : Skagen s14 Mikkeline satchel
Jacket : Elliatt
Sandals : Betts (similar)

& Don’t forget to enter:



Dear Internets,

7. Australia's first moving catwalk at Broadway Shopping Centre 27 May 2014 at 12.30pm CREDIT Broadway Shopping Centre

My balance is terrible at the best of times so the concept of a moving catwalk screamed fun and potential disaster. Fortunately last Tuesday, it was a far better balanced contingent that graced the escaltors of Broadway Shopping Centre in Sydney. Australia’s first moving catwalk was a resounding success displaying all you could want from this season’s trends and was a resounding succes. The disaster it would seem is the fact that I now have a much bigger wish list and all of it is accessible for purchase from over 20 retailers showcased. It’s days like these that make Christmas seem too far away.

4. Australia's first moving catwalk at Broadway Shopping Centre 27 May 2014 at 12.30pm CREDIT Broadway Shopping Centre

Santa, Can I have everything in the outfits from the right hand side of the top photo including (but not limited to) diamond tears Monster Headphones, that French Connection Tee, the Sheike volcanic skirt and maybe the pink jumper and maroon coat. We wouldn’t want to break up the outfit family, now would we? If you get confused, check out the #BeYou Booth where you can take a closer look at the catwalk featured trends and take some photos. OK THANKS BYE, LOVE YOU!

P.S. A grey overcoat for the hubs would be great too

3. Australia's first moving catwalk at Broadway Shopping Centre 27 May 2014 at 12.30pm CREDIT Broadway Shopping Centre

Do you think Santa will go for it?