Dear Internets,

We are a little over a week from Autumn and I can’t wait for the cool change to arrive. Normally I love summer but who’s loving 46 degrees Celsius with 2 kids? NOBODY! Autumn in Australia is summer dresses, cardigans and trips to visit my fremeny, the ocean! For now I’m hiding from the freak hail storm indoors, enduring a common cold and watching The Daily Show thinking at least I don’t live in America.

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Dear Internets,


There are some misconceptions that are made as you get older. My love for cartoons dissipating is one.I’m a proud cartoon lover even though I may not always own up to it. While I’m waiting on my car to be serviced and an employee comes in profusely apologizing that the remote has gone missing, having notice the Disney channel getting a work out, I probably won’t volunteer the fact that I actually flipped it to this channel using effort and buttons on the back of the screen that the current generation don’t even realize exists.


Having a two year old sort of fuels the fire despite having had just about enough of Thomas and his friends. If you need to know anything about steam trains though, I am probably your girl. Minnie mouse, however, is a little old school for him but the new Vans X Disney collaboration will definitely get that conversation going.



The shoes start at the most adorable tiny toddler sizes ,working their way up. They feature Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto and Winnie the Pooh – famous enough to just go by their first name, like Madonna or Cher. The high tops are especially rad and a great unisex option.



For the more Disney princess-hearted, there’s Ariel sweatshirts, and princess socks, hats, backpacks tees and high tops though I’ve yet to find the elusive last item. The whimsical perfection is seen in he attention to detail of a hidden mickey in each print. If you ever see me staring down at my Minnie mouse Vans, I’m probably looking for him. Comfortable and true to fit, my slip-ons have been providing a pop of fun as I try and avoid muddy puddles. Combined with my W7 liptember lips from chemist warehouse, kissing away the bad day blues is super easy.



Hit up Platypus shoes, Glue StoreGeneral Pants and many more to wear your heart on your soles, so to speak. AND, if you see those Disney princess shoes, you’ll let me know won’t you?


Who’s your favorite Disney character?



Dear Internets,


It’s been an up and down kind of day. The kind that’s like a roller coaster you’ve been wanting to go on forever and just as you get to the right height you realise the sheer gravity of it all. Over stuffed with carnival food you get on and nausea sets in but you’ve just got to ride it out and hope you don’t puke. Too exhausted and exasperated to explain much further, here’s my day in a series of words.


Sister’s birthday – big breakfast – shopping -broke- bought stuff anyway – hot – headache – nausea- birthday dinner- pavlova – too much sugar – restless – midnight blogging. I think you get the picture. A thirteen phrase day commands little from your wardrobe but comfort. An old pair of short, adidas originals tee and denim jacket paired with platform boots and a backpack to chuck all my stuff in just seemed to fit the bill.


I mean if you are going to be uncomfortable, you want to be doing it wearing comfortable clothes.


Pixel wears:

Backpack | Colette | Similar
Shorts | Cooper St | Sold out
T | Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals | Sold Out
Denim Jacket | Thrifted and DIY’d
Boots | Windsor smith | Rainbow


Dear Internets,


It’s rather self deprecating, choosing to do something for a hobby at which you terribly suck. You seldom hear of tone deaf DJ’s or impatient puzzle lovers raving about their hobbies…because they don’t exist. Despite this, and knowing my aversion to being in front of the camera ,I persist in utilizing fashion blogging as a creative outlet. As such, consider this post is a public apology to my fellow bloggers and anyone I have been able to con into taking photos for me, and will con in the future.


It seems particularly timely as these photos were taken by style maven and deserter Nora of Nora Finds. It is the first and probably last shot she’ll take of me since she will be leaving for an adventure soon. Today she had the task of getting around my man hands, gawkish stance,toothy grins and short attention span to get something blog worthy. Thank god that girl’s got blogger game.


Would you like detail shots?” she inquired politely while I pondered my staple flung together ‘all black errthing‘ mum outfit. Looking up and seeing her immaculately dressed and surround by our other blogger friends [Style by Kys (extreme left) and the ladida (extreme right) ] looking cute while completely absorbed in their smart devices, I decided the answer would be a simple “No”.  We don’t often quote Kenny Roger’s here but dammit, “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, Know when to fold ’em, Know when to walk away, Know when to run


I had an awesome time brunching with you ladies and I’m glad you peer pressured me into ordering Kevin’s Balls from Brewristas. Awkward to order but makes for a great meal. Can’t wait for the next catch up and thanks again for the pics. Check out our instagram for more foodporn and behind the scene of the others ladies doing their blogger thang including Maggie who had to escape early.



Pixelhazard wears:
Jacket | Origami Doll
Shirt | St Frock
Handbag  | Givenchy
Pants & Shoes | Target
Necklace | DIY