Dear Internets,


Shoe collaborations have been letting me down lately so I was trying not to be so fool hardy as to get carried away the next time I heard of a new release and then VANS X TOY STORY happen. For adults of my generation it was a pervasive force in our childhood with it’s huge movie debut and subsequent sequels. It put Pixar on the map in my child brain like nothing but that parent & baby lamp cartoon could. While it’s not like Justin Beiber or Harry Potter when it comes to taking over a life, my son wears Buzz Lightyear PJs having never watched the movie. The fandom is real and somewhere in my brain or my heart, a pilot light is still on waiting for this moment.

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Dear Weather,


It’s officially summer and your erratic behavior has me holding on to these gorgeous Cali & Cale white sandals. This is the point where I would insert photos of me prancing about in these beauties but for fear of wearing these new pristine sandals in a random bout of rain, I’ve had to hold back. Instead I’m wearing them at home, stopping often to marvel and how comfy and pretty they are. I now have my eye on the parade sandals in blue with their lovely leather and chunky sole for the perfect pop of colour. If you are looking for pretty summer sandals with that minimalist feel, comfort and quality, grab a pair and join in the catwalk parade I’ve being doing in my home lately. I’ll even let you open the show.






Dear Internets,



Most people have specific shoes for walking, for casually hanging out with friends and possibly for that moment you really need to instagram something pretty because your life hasn’t been validated with an abundance of red hearts in the last few days. We don’t judge that need for specific categorization because lets face it, consciously or subconsciously, we all do it. Ordinarily there are rational reasons for making these decisions, but not in my case. While I love my teetering high heels, platforms, sneakers and jellies, trainers are a broad spectrum shoe and one that requires deep consideration.

Trainers to me are the quick, comfy and cool option for everything. A trip to the shops, a hike down Europe’s large gorge, even the occasional date night when paired with the right clothes (yes I did hike 16 km down a gorge in converse and my Mr is my height so he gets the height advantage on occasional date nights). Given how essential this footwear is begs the question : What do I choose?

Here are our 5 contenders:billie shoes

Billie shoes: Classic looks and comfortable, Billie has everything you want including a $39.95 price tag. Lesser known than some of its peers, she’s definitely worth a look in and a life time of devotion.



Vans: Vans used to be the slip on I love to hate for no known reason and now I just love to love them. Popular and available in different colors and crazy mixed prints, their specials editions won my heart and for good reason.



Keds: The Canvas mary janes of my shoe collection. Another fun print loving shoe, they probably don’t stalk you like they did in OC days but don’t forget they are there in all their glory.



Converse: Or old faithful as it should be called. Now available in double stack, the classic colors and shape have something about them I love. The testament to which is the vast number of pair that crowd my shoe cupboard. Supremly comfortable, their special editions are usually to die for and always get comments and compliments. A no brainer



Superga: Apparently the people’s shoe of Italy and those curves don’t lie. The great trainer for those of you sick of what your friends are wearing. Love the look and the height of this trainer and with a print that extends all the way down to its soles, I will always be sad I didn’t snap up a House of Holland pair. Endorsed by Alexa Chung, what more positive proof do you need?

Now it’s just about what I want to join my vast collection. Round ups somehow just make things harder.




Dear Internets,


The red and white Camper logo has been recognized by my mind for so many years but has never popped into my head when I’m in need for a shoe shopping fix. Perhaps this is due to some misconceived association I have with orthopedic looking things donning my ‘far too young‘ feet. The fact is Camper has far exceeded my expectations on multiple fronts.

Here are some things I just did not know:

1. Camper makes footwear for Women, Men & Children. Read more about the kids collection at our Lifestyle blog, Little Bright Green.


2. Their shoes are surprisingly comfy because of the incredible zig zag and mango cheek looking soles and leather uppers so no more hush puppies and ugly flats

3. While appearing comfortable, when you put them on, they actually look amazing (as modeled by the uber cute Charmaine)


4. Camper collaborates so you get some really special footwear & cool concepts like the Twin collection where the shoes have a theme but the left shoe slightly differs from the right or the Love collection where your feet spell out what your lips don’t have to.



The next time I find myself complaining about my shoes being too uncomfortable or my comfy shoes being too ugly for words, I’ll stop dreaming of my milanese boaters and march myself off to a Camper store and get shopping. Hopefully when your shoes are biting your toes and ankles you’ll find some respite with me. Happy shopping!


p.s. Aussies, don’t forget to enter our giveaway