Dear Internets,


It”s officially Spring but I think someone has their climate control on incorrectly. Yesterday we hit a scorching 35 degrees in Sydney and Summer is still a few months away. Still there”s no better excuse to lie on the beach, eat ice cream for lunch and a salad with Mojito for dinner. After all it is still important to stay hydrated and if that means we don”t have to cook, all the better.


Now clearly it”s time to dust off the summer clothes but somehow digging for an old pair of swimmers never gets me enthusiastic for the beach. Much like trying to start exercise after winter, the onset of hotter days usually also means the purchase of at least one new swimming costume and perhaps sandals and throw-on beach wear to match….we wouldn”t want to clash would we?


After years of having my mother price consciously purchase swimmers for me which essentially meant getting whatever was on sale, I have learnt that buying something current, in the right shape, size and patter/color for you is everything! Sure my mother would be appalled if she found out my last pair cost in the three digits but then again she doesn”t really get in the water, go to the beach, or will ever know (unless you tell her). One of my favorite picks at the moment is the two piece stripe & floral print number coming from the new Mink Pink swim range 13/14. Structured to maintain shape, and completely perfect, it goes so well with their Summer collection.


Sarahteaa in Maui Dress [purchase playsuit or beach pant ]


Sarahteaa holding Sun catcher dress [buy ]

In fact, when Sarahteaa & I went to check it out, we seriously struggled finding our favorite coverup. With so many gorgeous throw on dresses and awesome prints, we managed to narrow it down to 3 but this is not a drawing competition amongst kids….a winner must be named. For Sarahteaa, it was this flirty bright floral singlet top. Add a pair of denim shorts, Mink Pink shades, some essential accessories and sandals and we”re beach ready!




Dear Internets,


GROUP SWIM, sounds a bit saucy doesn’t it? It was in fact a great way to kick off Day 1 of Sydney’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Just think, a showcase of  collections by Maiden Love, Skye & Staghorn, Gypsea and Surface too deep set to a back beat that just makes you want to dance in your seat. The cllections were varied, decorated with anything from florals, geometrics and photographic to army print. Styles also varied this year with teeny bikinis mixed in with vintage style fully briefs and classic one pieces.


Maiden Love was all gladiator sandals, wet look hair and for me their full body suits were my favourite. Nothing screams sexy the low V neck pearl number and for something a little more fun, my second fave was the printer cheeky lace up number.


Sky & Staghorn debut their  SS13/14 collection ‘Calypso’. In line with the sports luxe trend that has been paving its way of late, this latest collection features mesh panneling and neoprene. The black numbers and nautical vibe was a welcome marriage of classic swimwear with modern trends incorporated.


Gypsea came out kicking with a combination of photographic prints and mixed prints. The cat print white swimsuit was difficult to ignore, as were the cut out sleeves on this two piece number.


Surface too Deep show their  SS13/14 collection designed to evoke a nostalgic feeling of past adventures shared by two friends growing up together. The custom designed print, colours and frills don’t lie, with my childhood trips to the pool with my sister instantly springing to mind when they walked down the runway.

Overall, a stunning show which will make me lament the switch into winter weather even more. Which was your favourite?