Dear Internets,

Happy Valentine’s day/Galentines day ( if you are a single female)/ Tuesday( if you are me)! I love the spirit of it all but not so much the materialism, ironic right? Really not going to complain about a day that promotes people sharing their feelings. Happen to chuck on something fortuitously appropriate too so lets celebrate with a gif. Who has made fancy plans then?


Dear Internets,

I’ve never liked  dragon fruit and now I’m certain there are daily smoothie bowl Instagramers out to lynch me but there it is. They are a pretty enough fruit, and intriguing to say the least with it’s name and unique appearance but what else? I can be shallow but seldom when it comes to fruit. Bland taste, no crunch and expensive, so what are you good for? Continue reading


Dear Internets,

I don’t know if it’s my recent obsession with Korean TV dramas or return to student life that has seen me embrace cup noodles again but here I am 5 sachets and a kettle full of water eating the definition of empty calories. Its easy, its fast, it’s cheap and spicy which shamefully takes precedence over health about once a week. Unfortunately I don’t live in an area which has embraced this love like I have so my options are rather limited. Today’s offering to the junk food gods it curry laksa “with dry tofu and vegetables”. I won’t lie, it was tasty but I feel the regret already despite retaining the skill of being able to eat this thing without splashing the soup all over my laptop.

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