Dear Internets,


What do you do when you make too much icing while putting together some food for your sister-in-laws baby shower?It is a very specific hypothetical but I think the intelligent response is to either throw it away or if you have another occasion coming up, use it for that. My response was to make a whole new cake to pair with the salted caramel icing I made. Turned out to be the best tasting cake I’ve made in a long time!

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Dear Instagram,


Taking up a little corner of Audley st in Petersham, where the grumpy barista used to live; number 110 to be exact, is The Tiny GIANT. A little cafe with a large Instagram following, thanks to its pink fairy floss topped french toast and cronuts. It’s easy to get drawn in by the bombardment of enticing snaps so naturally I wanted to try it out for  myself.

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Dear Internets,

I have entered the moon face phase of this pregnancy which means excitement, impatience and puffiness is at its peak while the tiredness creeps back in. Often, I feel the pull of coffee, but since I have restricted myself to one a week, I’m choosing more wisely about where I drink it.


Not one for exploring new food places on my own, I stole my sister from campus to join me. After seeing beautiful images of egg waffles on Instagram that reminded me to go back to Hong Kong, Haven specialty coffee, in Sydney seemed an obvious choice. Not only do they take your coffee peculiarities extremely seriously (there’s a charted ordering guide and everything), they also have an egg waffle menu!


I opted for the middle of the line “interesting but not too weird” option of Hokkaido Red Bean & Matcha, paired with a mocha. My sister on the other hand opted for something from the lunch menu which was rather tempting too; cured salmon with avocado with poached eggs on toast…the twist? Poached strawberries atop the salmon and avo combo. It added a bizarre tart flavor without interrupting the texture of the dish…all rather strange.



My mocha had a beautiful dark chocolate coffee flavor without marching into the murky waters of “bitter and burnt”that often sits opposite the powdered artificially sweet spectrum that’s common place. Topped with messy chocolate syrup and nuttiness, I had no complaints with my coffee of the week. Ah maybe all this healthy eating is the true cause for my more egg on legs aesthetic. Thank god for black monochromatic shift dresses and head shots.




Dear Internets,


I have a magic skill. We could start a conversation about absolutely anything and yet the conversation will turn to food. I’m the girl who is eating lunch with you and thinking about her next meal and next outfit in any available comfortable silences.


With all my eating experiencence eating here’s my cafe guide for Sydney wide. I’ve tried to pick things in areas commonly neglected  but you should still see a few usual suspects.

Culture Bean, 15 Gray St, Kogarah
They make the best acai bowl ($15) which I have yet to be able to finish and their pesto chicken pasta is so tasty. The biggest challenge you’ll find here is getting a table and selecting a cronut/scroll. The menu isn’t huge but what they do, they do well.

Ristretto and Co. 156 Northumberland St, Liverpool
It’s slim pickings for a good cafe in this area so expect this place to be busy at meal times but its worth it. Great cafe food with quaint seating out the back, it is often seen as the Surry Hills of the west. While they are also a purveyor of great baked goods, the hot food , meals to go and general vibe make it an enjoyable place to go. They even have a offshoot call the shed that focusses on coffee and cakes.


Brewtown Newtown,6-8 O’Connel St, Newtown 
CRONUTS! yeah yeah I know but the savory foods are stand alone stars. Colourful, beautiful, complex and seasonal they are not to be underestimated or neglected. Sure you’ll have to stifle a giggle when a man looking like the pinicle of hipster delivers you super tasty breakfast juice with nothing more than a “a BJ , thanks” and disappearing as mysteriously as he appears but what a conversation starter. When I wasn’t diving into my Salmon Gravlax, I was marvelling at how a busy, noisy cafe could be set up so well to facilitate private conversations with friends. Don’t forget your wallet, you’ll probably buy things to go as well.

Sadhana Kitchen, 147 Enmore Rd, Enmore
If you are on instagram you’ve probably seent their work. Raw, vegan and healthy are all great buzz words and this place is loved by many but not me. While the staff are lovely, I find the cafe a bit cold and canteen-ish with food that generally makes me feel cheated…I can believe it’s not butter. Then again I’m indian and therefore, pretty tough on vegan food. Their coco whip however, I will come back for any day. The naughty but nice texture and flavour packed sundaes are incredible and should be at $13 but as long as I have a job, I won’t hesitate to return.


Bills, 433 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst
Lovely wait staff, proper chai tea and a rose pistachio pavlova with macerated strawberries that is to die for. The corn fritters are pretty damn good too.
Passiontree velvet, K3415, Macquarie Centre, Corner Herring and Waterloo  Rds, N. Ryde

Beautiful French pastries , hot chocolates, high tea and macaron towers, this place is perfectly located for pre or post shopping as well. The rose tea is perfection on a cold rainy day but trying to eat a salted caramel tart all on my ow was really biting off more than I could chew. I bought quite a few of the macarons for Mother’s day and they were so tasty with some great flavours too.

The Factoria & Grano, 1009 Canley Vale Rd, Wetherill Park 
Start with brunch and the Factoria and then move next door to Grano for a little italian food. Cronuts filled with ricotta on the spot, gelato, coffee and any antipasto you could think of crammed into paninis, The factoria is a fine food providore as well as a cafe

Ok so if you haven’t put on weight by association or died from the overload I would be shocked. While I have you in this cheerful sedate visual coma, I have a question for you.


What would the ultimate day on your own look like?

I have one coming up and I don’t waste this gem on catching up on laundry.


Dear Internets,


Yup, I’ve taken the blog equivalent of a long liquid lunch because life has been pretty mental.  You may be fooled into thinking you have seen me sitting around doing nothing but I’ve just mastered the art of sleeping with my eyes open. As a result, many of my meals have been sipped on the go. I’ve become the master of fresh juice and home made smoothie combos but tomorrow I have no time to stop and I can’t make a smoothie out of my hotel room.


Tomorrow (so I don’t just get drive through junk food) my liquid meals on the go are made by pressed juices. I’ve been sold on the Mylks for years, particularly my fave: the espresso almond milk. Next on the hit-list: a banana salted caramel smoothie and a tonic. Keep an eye on my instagram, I’ll be looking out for their raw food too. What are your fave liquid lunch combos?