Dear Internets,


It’s easy to write about things you love but a not so glowing review a mixed bag can be just as helpful so here goes. There are quite a few “too good to be true” disposable fashion stores online. Its a great place to browse when you’re feeling broke and looking to shop or in my case, looking for something fairly specific that you can’t find anywhere else. For some reason I was desperately looking for a pastel autumnal trench and the Blue long sleeve pockets trench coat from she inside promised everything but did it deliver?



  • The jacket is essentially as it is pictured.
  • Delivery was reasonably speedy
  • There are opportunities to lower the price through a points scheme
  • There are a large variety of items at a very modest price range
  • It fit the basic requirements of what I was looking for so I absolutely love this jacket


  • It doesn’t drape as beautifully as pictured
  • The material description is fairly broad: In this case “polyester” translates to a crepe looking fabric.
  • The jacket is not lined so don’t expect the trimmings of branded clothing.
  • One of the buttons on my jacket was stitched so that it puckered the fabric. It served no practical purpose and it I didn’t need it aesthetically so I  had to unpick it.
  • Their customer service has a lot to be desired.

Would I buy again? Only if I had another hankering for something specific I couldn’t get elsewhere.