Dear Internets,

When my mum told me BLORANGE was the new hair trend a few weeks ago, I thought she had comically misheard like she does with Kanye song lyrics. Considering “Gigi Hadid’s blorange hair” made the news today, it appears I was mistaken. I’m envious of what in most instances looks more like a vibrant strawberry blonde, because I have pitch black hair. The versions that look more like an actual blood orange, I’m a bit more dubious about. My ethos with hair is if you love it and its reasonably achievable, try it. Hair grows back. Isn’t the more pertinent question “why is Gigi’s new hair style in the news?Continue reading


Dear Internets,

I learnt something new on holidays. Apparently mushrooms are a big this in cosmetics. Who would have thought staying at a mushroom farm would have yielded more than delicious food? Known for their phenolic compounds that combat skin ageing , hyperpigmentation, and inflammation, they are not just “meat for vegetarians” but probably in any of your creams that “evens skin tone“,”hydrates” or “repairs“. If you’re curious, there a little list of 13 examples over here.

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Dear Internets,

For those playing along on social media, you may have noticed my recent insomnia. It’s getting so bad my body seems to have adjusted and now I can’t sleep on time even if my kids allow it and all because of TEETHING. Yes its that dreaded word that even looks like it should be spoken with a clentched jaw. Thank God the baby I’ve been dealing with actually likes Sophie the giraffe and frozen teething rings. His favorite however has to be the Boon PulpContinue reading