Dear Internets,


I find myself wishing I lived in SoHo and not because it was one of the first to reach fame with an abbreviated name format, sorry J.Lo. The COACH SoHo store have released their Disney collaboration and its left me wanting a piece of the action. White there’s a tee, wallets, cross bodies and backpacks, my devotion belongs to the Mickey Mouse earned shoulder bag… One in every colour please.

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Dear Internets,

My very slow paced spring clean has begun. It’s Autumn in Australia at the moment, though the hot days may deceive, and hopefully by spring I’ll be done. So far , I’ve only made a small dent in shoes and accessories as well as all the trinkets strewn casually around table tops to be addressed another day. Somehow, with the assistance of a big tube of glue, my maybe pile started procreating. It pained me to part with this very old silver handbag but when an accessory is on donation row, there’s no risk involved. While it doesn’t feel quite finished just yet, I love the result. Lesson here: take risks, have fun, freak your nephews out with you new cool aunty status.


“Is that a pokeball??? is that an eyeball????”


Dear Internets,


Anyone who knows me, knows I have fluffy objects attached to anything that can be classified as a bag or carry case. It’s a love I share with friends and family alike so it was no surprise when @lpmmags tagged me in @_cassielam‘s photo of her new Sportsgirl bag charm. My first instinct was akin to a pregnant woman looking lustfully at cake (I can say that cos I am said pregnant woman) “I must buy this now!!“. The surprise reaction that followed closely was a quizzical HUH?!


It had only just dawned on me that Sportsgirl had left my window-shopping rotation. I remember a cute and affordable brand that supported my teen trend zombie self with great affection but lately everything is priced at over $100 without, in my humble opinion, the tailoring or quality to support it. When did it become high street?


Thankfully this instagram ping turned into a treasure hunt and I rekindled the magic of my previous love while staring at the kick-ass-edness of some of their accessories. Those cute pins must simply be mine. Should I pass the wine coloured cord pinafore on offer and deem it to be both made of substantial fabric that can contain my burgeoning bump, it too may find itself on the front counter next to my exhausted credit card. This is what I call nostalgic impulse shopping.


Dear Internets,


Life lately has been like a less melodramatic version of Lemony Snicket’s series of unfortunate events. From getting food poisoning, to my website mysteriously being down, there hasn’t been a moment to tell you about my new arm candy. It’s not a new man (I’m married thank you very much) but it’s pretty exciting none the less. You can probably guess from the picture above unless you live in a culture where spoons are worn around the wrist (in which case, I’d love to hear more!)


Jord watches seem to be popping up all over the internet and a few nights ago, on the wrist of a celebrity during a tv show. While that doesn’t often impact my decision to wear something, a watch with a point of difference certainly does. I’ve had a fascination with watches since I was a child and noticed the same fascination in my little nephew. We used to draw watches on our wrists or make paper origami watches when we were too young for adults to trust them into our possession.In primary school I got my very first watch , the cute mickey mouse kind, and haven’t looked back. I’ve been collecting them since.



Cool Watches are great convention breakers. A little detail that changes a look. My dark sandalwood ELY with a black watch face ($129) is a great slightly masculine touch to down play a super fluro pink cooper st beat goes on peplum dress, when most jewelry would be too much. When you turn up to baptism and your friend brings his baby over saying ” this is [pixelhazard] in the pinkest dress you’ll ever see in your life’, you know down playing ti was the perfect decision.



Besides, my notorious love for watches has left me with a wicked tan line on my wrist and a habit of staring at my wrist at frequent intervals. The latter looks rather unusual when there’s no watch to frequently stare at. With the addition of the Cora Maple & Silver watch ($275) which is a little more delicate and lighter, I’ll have all my aesthetic wooden watch pairing needs covered. Which one would you pick?


Dear Internets,


While my wardrobe and lifestyle seem to be transitioning into the most sensible version of itself, the weird sneaks out from time to time. Somehow amongst virtual shopping cart of black skirts, duster coats and weather appropriate knitwear, this crazy bag made the cut. While I was looking for something for quick trips that need nothing more that a phone, wallet and keys, my left brain screamed “beige or black cross body”. My late night shopping on my phone brain screamed Skinny Dip unicorn tears novelty across body bag.

Looks like my strangeness lives on somewhere.