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Dear Internets,

\  Vans for Opening Ceremony pink glitter \ Stila Sunset cover eye shadow\
\Luvo phone case \ Michael Hill Opal Ring \ Balyck Reverie pearl earrings \

Do people save up for things anymore? Any time I express wanting something, there is always someone nearby suggesting that I jut go out and get it. I have never been a fan of owing people things, least of all money…partly because I have a tendency to forget how much I borrow or loan out. Personal loans are so easy to attain and accountability so low it seems crazy not to purchase the shoes I “deserve” or the new phone I have to have.
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Dear Internets,

I see bag spills on blogs and always wonder where the slightly opened hand cream and fluffy rogue mints are among the lip glosses and sunglasses. Is my bag strange to always contain these items along with a few too many pens, bent business cards and a note book/diary that was once glorious but now a little worn?


The success of my day is often judged not by my bag but what needs to come out of my car at the end. If I struggle to get everything out in one trip from boot to door, I’ve done pretty well. Sometimes it’s suitcases, furniture or home wares. Other times its the more mundane like smart devices and laptops with groceries or kids clothing. My most recent day of success involved pre-fashion week viewings and an epic shopping trip. Any successful day that involves shopping is all the better.

Some featured brands : Diesel , MAC, Bobbi Brown, The goat skincare , Cafe skin scrub (to make these beauty bars out of), Pure paw paw, Clinique & Diida.


Dear Internets,


I can be up when I need to be, but deep in my soul, I am not a morning person. I’ll take all then help I can get when it comes to waking up early, particularly now that hubs sleeps in too. Sure, a sleep in when you have a two year old is only 8am but until it becomes acceptable to arrive to work at 10am, that still puts me in a bit of a pickle, and not the delicious condiment kind. As the cold creeps into dawn, a cozy bed can be hard to escape.


Fortunately, I occasioned upon this post for “wake-me-up coffee scrubbies” on one of the blogs I regularly read : exPress-O. At first the concept of an ice cold coffee scrub sounded as appealing as a bucket of cold water to the face but I did have have a propensity to make a big mess and a lovely packet of Frank body original sitting in my fridge waiting to be used. Having little single use bars in the shape of Easter island head seemed like a cute, mess free, dermal friendly solution for me, particularly since I love the feel of my skin after a good coffee scrub.


Easy as pie I would say if a good pie wasn’t so challenging and time consuming to make. This took me 5 minutes in the morning and I have a batch that will last me at least a few weeks if I’m realistic. Now here are the ratios:

1/2 cup coffee scrub
1 tbs organic coconut oil
2 tbs olive oil

Stir it all up into an ugly goop, put it into your cutest ice cube trays you may no longer want to hold ice in, tap it a few times on the table to get rid of some air pockets, and freeze over night. It looks a bit ugly, but your skin will feel super pretty after you give it a shot. I don’t think I’ll use my coffee scrub in any other way ever again!


The fact that it came straight out of the freezer didn’t seem to translate to a shocking temperature on your skin either which was a pleasant surprise. At the end of the day, natural oils on the skin are a great temperature moderator as well as moisturizer. Let me know if you give it a shot (oh the coffee puns!).



Dear Internets,


The joys of being a mum have come to bite me in the face last week when my son lovingly gave me bacterial conjunctivitis. Beyond waking up with your eyes glued shut, feeling completely disgusting, OCD hand washing, days off work and avoiding human contact in general, it meant replacing all my eye make up all at once. Not one to wear heavy make up I was surprised how much replacing it had topped my agenda for my first non-sick day. I think we may have blurred the lines between want and need.


Yesterday my work colleague and I were talking about how I don’t have broadband at home due to port availability. He was outraged at the infrastructure lag (for your Aussies out there, we aren’t even on the NBN radar) and called it a “basic necessity of life like electricity“. I think I’ve been spoilt by availability. Won’t stop me fighting the good avocado fight though. Someone commented longingly on a photo of avo on toast on my instagram like I had just posted a photo of myself dripping in designer gear. I’ll forgo some make up if we can bring Avo’s back to the world!


Dear Internets,


As you are probably aware, mail excites me. Most of the time it’s boring work stuff or bills but when it comes sealed with a blue seal and marked “from Siberia”, you have my full attention. The exotic treasure I found is Natura Siberica “cosmetics of wild herbs and flowers”. Founded 7 years ago, Natura products contain 4 of 12 of the world’s natural adaptogens, herbs and plant extracts all ethically and responsibly sourced from Siberia.


While they have an award winning array of face, beauty and hair products. In celebration of the September launch Natura Siberica in Australia, I tried the Oblepihk body butter, Oblephika body scrub and lifting hand cream and here’s my verdict:

Oblepihk body butter: the 300ml jar looks generous and is pretty standard as far as body butter’s go. the difference was the texture. I have a hatred for thin cold lotions, especially in winter and fortunately I didn’t have to worry about that. It’s that waxy solid look that melts under the warmth of your fingertips. This essentially means you don’t end up using too much, it rubs into the skin nicely and doesn’t leave an oil slick behind it. The added bonus is you end up smelling all lovely and fruity afterward.


Oblephika body scrub: This has won permanant residence in my shower caddy which is saying something as space is a premium. Opening it up smelt like a culmonation of mangoes mixed into all of my summer holidays. This olfactory holiday is not suitable for those who have very sensitive noses and prefer unscented beauty products.

Lifting hand cream: This cream had a different tone to it. More subtle and mature both in its fragrance and packaging, I felt like I was using something theraputic. Once again, major points for not being overly greasy like some hand creams tend towards. I’m a flip top hand cream kind of girl but screw tops aren’t a deal breaker and at 75ml, it’s a good size for the handbag


You can register your interest here or get shopping online in September. I for one have my eye on the hair product, mask and treatment oils. Man do I love my lotions and potions.