Dear Internets,


Have you ever had someone behind a makeup counter kidnap your face? It happens to me every time I try to buy new cosmetics and as a result I tend to shy away from purchasing anything besides my over priced but reliable brands. Throwing caution to the wind generally follows a bout of make up running out and emergency face fixers.


With the moisture sucking winter upon us and the amount of travel I do, I couldn’t help but say yes to trying out the budget cosmetics brand w7. With 500 products in the line ranging from foundation to eye-shadow I was hard pressed to pick one thing but since the range is typically $4.99- $9.99, I decided on a face worth.


So let’s start at the beginning.

Not to prime, is a crime: W7 prime magic is a non greasy clear primer with a dream mousse matte type finish. It’s great for people like me who hate tinted primers, easy to apply and doesn’t feel heavy on your face.


You’re making me blush: On days when I want to be presentable without being fully made up, I find a little mascara and blush is all you need to bring colour to your face. I used the blush on my cheeks and lips since I’m not a daily lippy girl. The pigment was rather strong so it didn’t take much to go a long way. While a brush is included, I always have a blush brush in my make up kit which goes a long way.



Calm your balm: My lips hate gloss so a layer of atomic apple lip balm gave me the perfect non-greasy yet dewy look I prefer while protecting my skin in the winter wind. The fact that I smelt like a mocktail all day the cute little tin it comes in was a total bonus.

Contour and colour: Cheeky and perfect for everyday, the “in the nude” eye colour palette looks gorgeous and is subtly pigmented, so you won’t look like you’re in a dance recital every time you put it on. The darkest shade which was my favorite is the only one that is quite strong so like the blush, a little goes a long way. The palette also comes with a two tipped brush for application and blending which is perfect on the go.


Frame your face: My eyebrows are a major aspect of my face and they do have a few spots that need filling. I used the W7 blackest black gel eyeliner for this as well as to line my mascara’d lids.

What really impressed me apart for the quality to price ration was that it passed the “push a heavy pram up a hill in the sun test”. The make up stayed put, felt comfortable and looked as good at the end of the day as when I had put it on.

Verdict: While I probably won’t be giving up my favorites, I will definitely be incorporating a few of these in my rotation. My travel make up kit is fully stocked with W7 so I no longer need to buy doubles of my expensive stuff only to have it become old and expire before I can use it all.  The full range is exclusively stocked at Chemist Warehouse or you can purchase it online.



Dear Internets,


Most people have a beauty product lover in their lives. I had never understood spending so much time and effort on soaps and creams until a few years ago and since then, I’ve been hunting for products I can really get behind. Finally I have a team of things I enjoy and enjoy giving to friends and family over the holiday season.


1. DermaSukin gentle body wash. I love Sukin and I don’t have particularly sensitive skin but when it comes to soap. I think everyone could do without all the harsh chemicals disguised under pretty names. You skin in your first form of defense, so stop destroying all that good bacteria but get rid of the grime. It has the added bonus of not getting up my nose and making me feel like I’ve just had too much wasabi but apparently that’s a problem unique to me.

2. Lush Batch bombs. Sure you don’t have baths but these babies are worth the break in routine. A little fragrant/gentle/sparkly “choose-your-own-adventure” decadent take on hygiene. Their approach tends to be earth friendly and if you only have a shower at your place, there are plenty of other things you could try and will love!

3. The Body Shop Shea Body Butter. I have notoriously dry skin so when Maggie gifted this to me, I had no idea my skin would love it more than sorbolene, all without that horrible sorbolene-ey smell.


4. Demeter’s cologne from Molten Store. I’m not sure what marshmallow smells like off the top of my head but if you tell me you don’t want to smell like it, I’ll call you a liar.

5. Grown Alchemist Regenerating night cream. A little ex-ey but isn’t the future of your skin worth it? If your answer is no, that’s ok, you’re probably young, you have time. For those those outside of that boat, try out this life raft and drink a whole heap of water,

6. Boots No7. If anyone goes to the UK and asks what I want, my response in boots no7. Winner of many beauty awards and accolades, it’s one product I could feel working a few days after I used it. If you don’t know anyone travelling that way, Try Amcal, they stock some of the range.

I hope you love them as much as I do!


Dear Internet,



I’ve been throwing caution to the wind and trying new products and stores lately. Since my friends and most cautious human’s Google prior to a purchase, I thought I’d help with a regular TUESDAY REVIEWS-DAY! That’s right, I can rhyme too.

First up: Demeter’s cologne & Molten store.


Molten store is one of those online places you shouldn’t go to window shop. The killer combination of an easy to navigate online store, well presented images and diverse pricing makes it very conducive to the whole shopping process. Once you place your order of “other worldly accessories & Curious gifts“, service become swift, sweet and personal asking if you’d like a hand written message with your order.


Demeter’s Cologne was what tipped Sarahteaa and I over the first time shoppers threshold. The unique fragrances like birthday cake, marshmallow, and violets; mild and true to it’s name, had “signature scent” written all over it.  Olfactory memories are the most powerful and now all those moments you want to bottle have been and you can spend Mondays smelling like a lazy Sunday spent eating cake. Being the oddballs that we are, Sarahteaa opted to smell like dirt and I clearly chose rain.

  • Pro: The scent smells exactly as you expect it to & at $29.00 you can smell like fig leaves every day of the week, every week of the year.
  • Con: The fragrance is mild and you might need a top up by the end of the day. Think EDP vs EDT. Personally I prefer the sweet scent of sugar cookie lingering on my lips rather than like I’d fallen into a vat of cookie dough but each to their own.

A cosmic alignment known for centuries as sheer coincidence has seen Molten have an up to 60% off Sale so now would be an excellent time to dive in.


Dear Internets,


Hot days are perfect for the beach and gelato, but not so perfect for my frying hair so today’s post is something of a recipe and remedy. While food is a big part of my life (as you might tell from the occasional instagram) food photography is not a skill I possess but let’s give it a shot.First things first. The recipe.

Lychee, rose and mint gelato.


  • 1.4 kg lychees
  • 150g caster sugar
  • 175ml mineral water
  • 2 tbsp rose water
  • 4-6 chopped mint leaves (depending on how much you love the stuff)


1. Peel and de-seed lychees
2. Blitz in food processor until you get a drink like consistency
3. Put water and sugar on the heat in a non stick saucepan and bring to a boil
4. Once sugar is mostly dissolved, remove from heat and cool
5. Once mixture is cool, use electric beater/processor to combine sugar syrup,rosewater and lychees
6. At this point add the mint (or exclude, depending on your tastebuds) and pop mix into the freezer.

For those with an ice cream maker, go ahead and follow your machine’s instructions. For those without, a slushie/semi-freddo can be achieved by blitzing, freezing and re-blitzing (keeps the ice away). I made mine with a Moulinex Masterchef & Breville Mixer Scraper Pro


While that’s getting ready of if you’ve already gobbled it all up, time to get onto your hair. I am in love with all things original mineral. Their Know Knott is literally preventing me from pulling my hair out, and for that extra moisture and shine Krystal Milk by Alter Ego Italy is on high rotation with the much talked about Keretase. Now that’s taken care of, time to crack open and young coconut and while the balmy day away




Dear Internets,

Over here in Australia, the sun has been melting away the winter chills. Being as impatient as we are, spring has been skipped in favor of jumping right into 30 degree summer days. The mango, strawberry and watermelon fruit salad is ready, we’ve ditched our boots for sandals and the beach is once again popular amongst more than just old people who don’t feel the cold or overly keen surfies. In celebration we’ve been getting our winter dried skin ready for it’s summer unveiling. Having been lucky enough to try a myriad of different products, it seemed only fair that we share the love with some of our readers. Here’s whats on offer:

Batiste dry shampoo, Gorgeous primer and foundation samples, Emery board, Le Tan bronzer, Paul Mitchell hair products, Compact mirror, Pure Fiji rescue gel, Dolly nail polish, Arganicare rejuvinating shampoo, Inika cream eyeshadow, Model co Mascara & Johnson’s face care.


Entering is simple and each method gets an entry. Just comment and let us know what you’ve done along with your e-mail address.

Competition will be drawn on the 27th September.