Dear Internets,


Life lately has been like a less melodramatic version of Lemony Snicket’s series of unfortunate events. From getting food poisoning, to my website mysteriously being down, there hasn’t been a moment to tell you about my new arm candy. It’s not a new man (I’m married thank you very much) but it’s pretty exciting none the less. You can probably guess from the picture above unless you live in a culture where spoons are worn around the wrist (in which case, I’d love to hear more!)


Jord watches seem to be popping up all over the internet and a few nights ago, on the wrist of a celebrity during a tv show. While that doesn’t often impact my decision to wear something, a watch with a point of difference certainly does. I’ve had a fascination with watches since I was a child and noticed the same fascination in my little nephew. We used to draw watches on our wrists or make paper origami watches when we were too young for adults to trust them into our possession.In primary school I got my very first watch , the cute mickey mouse kind, and haven’t looked back. I’ve been collecting them since.



Cool Watches are great convention breakers. A little detail that changes a look. My dark sandalwood ELY with a black watch face ($129) is a great slightly masculine touch to down play a super fluro pink cooper st beat goes on peplum dress, when most jewelry would be too much. When you turn up to baptism and your friend brings his baby over saying ” this is [pixelhazard] in the pinkest dress you’ll ever see in your life’, you know down playing ti was the perfect decision.



Besides, my notorious love for watches has left me with a wicked tan line on my wrist and a habit of staring at my wrist at frequent intervals. The latter looks rather unusual when there’s no watch to frequently stare at. With the addition of the Cora Maple & Silver watch ($275) which is a little more delicate and lighter, I’ll have all my aesthetic wooden watch pairing needs covered. Which one would you pick?


Dear Internets,


COMMITMENT. Does this word automatically conjure up your own version of a Cleo relationship article? I’m talking about the commitment involved in getting a new wallet/purse (for those of you who are more femininely inclined). Unlike shoes, bags or watches, most people only really have one wallet. The one that gets chucked around and loved during its life, the one that gets mourned upon its demise and the same one we have a list of requirements for as long as we do our life partners.


Maybe some people are not as picky as I am but I’d like to think it’s mostly my practical brain applying these restrictions.

1. Compact enough to fit into my bag and not be cumbersome. Large enough to carry everything
2. Lots of card space. One day I will invent a card that consolidates the reward programs of all other cards.
3. A secure section for coins and a compartment for notes. Surprisingly an aspect that is missed…like a smart phone that can’t make calls
4. Durable and pretty and be able to close with one hand. I will probably be juggling coffee and groceries when I need you most. Be there fore me wallet!


Wallets are to be invested in. If it has a velcro close or is glued together without being creatively ironic, we can’t be friends anymore. Ok I lie, I’m not that fickle, but I will probably buy you a wallet for your birthday….don’t be offended.


If you’ve seen my latest instagram posts, you’ll notice a few things. I’m at home sick with the flu, having a pity party with my friend Mindy Kaling (or at least her book self). A party is no party without gifts, and for me that comes in the form of Natura Siberica hand cream and MY NEW WALLET! This buttery soft , sky blue Audrey style Status Anxiety wallet is tactile, sleek, practical and an excuse to visit one of my fave style stores Mind Over Manor. They stock quite  the most devine collection of furniture, haberdasheries, personal items, children’s wear, beauty AND products. Essentially if it looks great, smells great or is great, they’ve got it.

My favorite Status Anxiety  pieces transcend the gender categories, a real testament to how good they are at what they do. Each piece will get you in trouble if you are a tactile person. They beg to be touched and experienced even when your bank balance says ” outlook not so good” like a disappointing magic 8 ball. Clean, minimal and classic, you’ll never see these items shoved in the “why the hell did I buy this? It’s too expensive to throw” hidden disappointment drawer. They are definitely worth a second date.




Dear Internets,


Growing up I had a friend who was a skateboarder. She was so cool and revolutionary in my eyes because boys skateboard and girls roller-blade. Sure it was a bit of a thought limiting disaster but forgive me, I was young and probably thinking of the guys from Clueless at the time. It didn’t help that her way of teaching me how to ride was to get me on her board and push me down a small hill. For you aussies out there, I had about the same level of confidence riding the bush-beast at wonderland for the first time (a huge roller coaster in the 90’s that looked like it was made entirely out of abandoned fence posts).


These days boards are better and there is no better than Penny skateboards. Their gorgeous high grip flexible set up is a visual and practical design triumph with bright chip resistant wheels and vibrant powder coated trucks. While I’ve got a 22′ dusk from the Penny painted fades collection here, beginners can opt for a larger 27′ inch board to ease into things.



If it were me, I’d want Carlton from the Penny Fresh Prints range because when I asked my husband “when did the 90’s come back?” he answered “they never left” and he was so right. Reigniting the nostalgic magic of the ‘90s in all its glory, Penny’s Fresh Prints range is a radical mix of bright colours and geometric prints for carefree fun. What’s more, they look like they were created by the same design team that made clothes for the Saved by the bell kids and who the heck doesn’t want that is skateboard form? Available in Buffy , Slater or Spike, there are options for a few different aesthetics but they’re running out of stock fast.


For those of you who aren’t still constantly stacking it like me, there is a 3D penny customize where you can build your own board from the grip tape up. The bad news is, now I want the one I created on the website as well! For now I may have to settle for riding off into the dusk channeling Buffy and slaying some concrete.



Pixelhazard wears:
Jacket | Some days lovin
Top | cotton on
Shorts | Cooper St
Sneaks | Creative Recreation


Dear Internets,


I can’t believe have quickly time flies. You know that almost annoying last chance rack in your fave store? Well that’s what the entire Lazy oaf pop up is going to be as of tomorrow! They are packing up shop and going back to the country they came from and soon will be noting but a lusty twinkle in your international shipping budget. Oh what’s that you say? You don’t have a international shipping budget?




Sarahteaa and I went along to the launch to be met with a hot-dog stand, cocktails and an array of pretty things neatly arranged around sweets. Now it’s your turn to touch them, try them but try not to look too strange doing it. I promise it will only take a few minutes to convince yourself you need to reward yourself with a little gift this christmas. Why not make them fluffy, with googly eyes? At launch, Sarahteaa and I found far too many faves. From the classic cereal print shirt to the Garfield backpack and slogan tees.




Being one of the few brands designed creatively for both men and women, I found myself perusing both section and not with the man in mind. Dissappointed we couldn’t buy it all, we stole away a midst the vodka plied rabble to a little book store to wile away the night. Lazy Oaf, we hope you felt welcome enough in Oz to open up shop permanently some time. We promise to be worth the long distance relationship.



Dear Internets,


For years, I’ve been a devotee ever since my discovery of UK brand Lazy Oaf on Asos. It’s overflowed here with the release of their Garfield collaboration and now I have exciting news: Lazy Oaf is popping up down under! During 27th Nov to 13th Dec, Lazy Oaf will be squatting at 17 Oxford Street, Sydney in the former ASSIN store.



For three weeks you will great free reign over all their collections, all of which I would love for Christmas…or I guess you could be sane and buy something for someone you actually know, like yourself. Lazy Oaf may be too hot for Santa to handle.



Their range is superb both for men and women and tend to feature crudely drawn food, bold text, and iconic characters. The strange mix of power-puff cute, cooler than ice, batsh*t crazy is just something that resonates with me.They keep offering me spooky eyes, 80’s advertising and mickey mouse white gloves and I keep lapping it up. If you too love a little sunshine and quirky in your wardrobe,  I would definitely recommend a look in before all the best pieces disappear.