Dear Internets,


There’s something comforting about the sound of whirring metallic fan blades. To me, combined with the noise of cricket (the sport and the bug I suppose), it is the soundtrack of summer. Most people are either cold or hot season people; its mutually exclusive. I happen to be the latter which seriously conflicts with my commitment to layers. All this “interesting” information is primarily to preserve a perception of sanity when you see me out and about in a leather jacket.


Perhaps my brain has melted from overheating because I can’t help myself. I love the Disney Snow white theme I painted of the back and am too stubborn to wait for the weather to cool. Coupled with my current love of jumpsuits, platforms and never ending love of perspex jewelry and dinosaurs, I make the perfect picture of disjointed fun. Can you imagine how I would have dressed as a child given free reign?





Pixels giant Crayola look:
Jacket | Thrifted and painted
Jumpsuit | Forever New (similar)
Shoes | Windsor Smith
Earrings | Tokyo somewhere
Necklace | Gift from HK
Green Lantern Ring | Maccas



Dear Internets,

Mystery, scale and memories. Doors have always welcomed me. It doesn’t matter if I’m sitting on the stoop of my parents house watching the world go by, seeking respite under the brim of an entrance in the chamber of giants or absorbing the days heat from the marble floor that forms my grandparent’s entry way in India.They are history and intrigue in themselves, even when closed.


They can lead to unguarded VIP sections at concerts, shortcuts to rides at theme parks, ways to avoid buying an item from each section of IKEA or nothing at all and sometimes that’s enough. It seems today that was the case or perhaps my attire, even sheathed in a sequins jacket did not classify as “Sunday best” enough to gain side entrance to this church.


Let’s face it, today was just a ‘comfy pants’ sort of day and there are none comfier than the one from H&M I just scored. One of the few stores whose translation into Australia has not been a disappointment, I could not help shop all their basics and then this cute beach bag to put it all in. Paired with my Mink Pink Lost in Translation “sushi and sake” muscle tee and black ballet flats, I was the picture of …well you can see them for yourself, thanks to my photog Maggie


Pixel wears:
Sequins Jacket | Bardot
Top | Minkpink
Pants & Bag | H&M
Shoes | Emerson


Dear Internets,


Pint size princesses and superheros wandering around shopping malls demonstrates the heights and depths of their wardrobe potential. While boys clothes can sometimes be limited to jersey shorts and trackies in primary colors coupled with a tee’s , every once in a while I start calculating whether or not the largest size would fit me.  That’s when I know I’m onto a winner.

1| 1 | 2| 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

Tumble ‘N Dry is starting the style lessons early. Well dressed adults clothing shrunken to fit your kids minus those horrible kiddy heels, string bikinis and tube tops (YUCK!). Sass and class that will hopefully prevent terrible clothing decisions when they are finally able to buy their own clothes. The boys clothes are ‘comfy ‘n trendy with my fave item being  the little Norfolk shirt and badass Novato jacket.


| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

The girls clothing is a perfect combination of classic and modern. Ice cream colored shorts, jeans and chic tees form a selection of clothing you don’t have to worry your girls may outgrow, style-wise. I have to admit, my heart melted a little when I saw the Oden Love set. I love their denim collection and the fact my discovery won’t have to be short lived catering for 3 size categories.



Hello Internets!

Last week we were invited to Marimekko‘s Sydney flagship store on King Street to take part in the global festivities celebrating the 50th anniversary of its classic Unikko poppy print.


In keeping with the brand’s colourful prints, the store was transformed into a multi-coloured disco for the evening.  It was smiles all around amongst the changing lights, mirror-balls and awesome tunes being spun by some of the guys from Architecture in Helsinki (gotta keep it Finnish!).



Throughout the evening, guests nibbled on Finnish-themed canapés from Café Paci and sipped on Marimekko Royale cocktails.  I was particularly excited that little bowls of Tyrkisk Peber/Turkinpippuri candy were making the rounds – I’m not sure if they were much of a hit with the other guests, but they were certainly a hit with me!


And what’s a birthday without a cake? A giant Gelato Messina ice-cream cake adorned with the Unikko print, that is.  Delicious! Maggie from La Petite Mademoiselle and I decided to take our cake outside the front of the store and chilled on the huge beanbags that were there for the evening … and contemplated how far we could run carrying said beanbags



If you’re unfamiliar with Marimekko, pop on down to the store! I’m definitely planning on returning as I’d love to browse the entire range during the daytime.  There are so many cute items in the homewares range and it’s hard not to want to buy everything.

Marimekko Sydney Store
66 King Street
Sydney 2000


Dear Internets,


The moment I put on this Opening Ceremony x Adidas Originals bandana print neoprene bell curved number, I fell in love. The indulgent structure ensured that I took it home with me the moment I saw it and since then it’s been through a lot. It’s been to a fashion week, accidentally hidden my pregnancy from friends and kept me warm. How nice to know there’s a coat in my wardrobe for which I never have to ask “does my bum look big in this?” bacause the answer in truth would be “baby you look like a parabola“. It’s not often I can say I’m ok with that.