Dear Internets,


It’s easy to write about things you love but a not so glowing review a mixed bag can be just as helpful so here goes. There are quite a few “too good to be true” disposable fashion stores online. Its a great place to browse when you’re feeling broke and looking to shop or in my case, looking for something fairly specific that you can’t find anywhere else. For some reason I was desperately looking for a pastel autumnal trench and the Blue long sleeve pockets trench coat from she inside promised everything but did it deliver?



  • The jacket is essentially as it is pictured.
  • Delivery was reasonably speedy
  • There are opportunities to lower the price through a points scheme
  • There are a large variety of items at a very modest price range
  • It fit the basic requirements of what I was looking for so I absolutely love this jacket


  • It doesn’t drape as beautifully as pictured
  • The material description is fairly broad: In this case “polyester” translates to a crepe looking fabric.
  • The jacket is not lined so don’t expect the trimmings of branded clothing.
  • One of the buttons on my jacket was stitched so that it puckered the fabric. It served no practical purpose and it I didn’t need it aesthetically so I  had to unpick it.
  • Their customer service has a lot to be desired.

Would I buy again? Only if I had another hankering for something specific I couldn’t get elsewhere.



Dear Internets,


The moment I put on this Opening Ceremony x Adidas Originals bandana print neoprene bell curved number, I fell in love. The indulgent structure ensured that I took it home with me the moment I saw it and since then it’s been through a lot. It’s been to a fashion week, accidentally hidden my pregnancy from friends and kept me warm. How nice to know there’s a coat in my wardrobe for which I never have to ask “does my bum look big in this?” bacause the answer in truth would be “baby you look like a parabola“. It’s not often I can say I’m ok with that.




Dear Internets,


As the rest of the world gear up for the cold weather ahead, my mind can’t help but adore my constant winter fashion favorite : the structured coat. Sure, looking at these images while it’s 35 degrees C outside can cause me to break out into a sweat but I can’t help but share some of the pieces from Jaime Ashkar’s Positive + Negative AW14 line. Chunky, voluminous and bold – not exactly the best combination of attributes when it comes to a dream date, but in a winter coat, you have me won.


Beautiful lines in textural wool crepe and cashmere injects a chic look with vibrant color into an otherwise cumbersome winter. The different lengths of crisp white, calming greys with popping tangerines and royal blues offer something for every spectrum of cold the erratic winter climate has to offer. This redeeming feature of numbing cold almost has me wishing for our winter days back but since we don’t even get to enjoy the whimsy of snow, I might just have to wait it out until next year.