Dear Internets,

The decadent Aussie Tim Tam has made it’s way around the world now and is often used as a counterbalance to poor misunderstood Vegemite. How could it possibly stand against a chocolate icing biscuit sandwich covered in more chocolate? There’s even a game called the time tam slam, designed for its maximum enjoyment. Ex pats would go to specialty store for it and then one day…someone dared to make it at home.

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Dear Internets,

We don’t often write about chocolate, which is not to say by any stretch of the imagination that we’re not constantly snacking on it. In fact, if you follow our Instagram, you may wonder how we have time to do anything at all with the amount of snacking that goes on. So why the change, apart from our apparent love for food? Well, last night I dreamt that I was a secret hoarder of Lindt chocolates and while searching for (other) valuable objects, I found the mother load stash.


Weird I know but I’ll take it as some sort of sign that you should know about Lindor’s new chocolate bar. The same indulgent taste, the new Lindor chocolate bar is slimline, elegantly shaped and designed for that pocket in your handbag usually occupied by a year old packet of gum and your lipgloss. Instead of binging on an entire box over a week, this may be the chocolate fix you need when you’re really in the mood, without being tempted to go overboard. Besides, the accompanying graphics are super cute. Just look for the Red bar in your supermarket and keep some change ready.