Dear Internets,


I can be up when I need to be, but deep in my soul, I am not a morning person. I’ll take all then help I can get when it comes to waking up early, particularly now that hubs sleeps in too. Sure, a sleep in when you have a two year old is only 8am but until it becomes acceptable to arrive to work at 10am, that still puts me in a bit of a pickle, and not the delicious condiment kind. As the cold creeps into dawn, a cozy bed can be hard to escape.


Fortunately, I occasioned upon this post for “wake-me-up coffee scrubbies” on one of the blogs I regularly read : exPress-O. At first the concept of an ice cold coffee scrub sounded as appealing as a bucket of cold water to the face but I did have have a propensity to make a big mess and a lovely packet of Frank body original sitting in my fridge waiting to be used. Having little single use bars in the shape of Easter island head seemed like a cute, mess free, dermal friendly solution for me, particularly since I love the feel of my skin after a good coffee scrub.


Easy as pie I would say if a good pie wasn’t so challenging and time consuming to make. This took me 5 minutes in the morning and I have a batch that will last me at least a few weeks if I’m realistic. Now here are the ratios:

1/2 cup coffee scrub
1 tbs organic coconut oil
2 tbs olive oil

Stir it all up into an ugly goop, put it into your cutest ice cube trays you may no longer want to hold ice in, tap it a few times on the table to get rid of some air pockets, and freeze over night. It looks a bit ugly, but your skin will feel super pretty after you give it a shot. I don’t think I’ll use my coffee scrub in any other way ever again!


The fact that it came straight out of the freezer didn’t seem to translate to a shocking temperature on your skin either which was a pleasant surprise. At the end of the day, natural oils on the skin are a great temperature moderator as well as moisturizer. Let me know if you give it a shot (oh the coffee puns!).



Dear Internets,

My very slow paced spring clean has begun. It’s Autumn in Australia at the moment, though the hot days may deceive, and hopefully by spring I’ll be done. So far , I’ve only made a small dent in shoes and accessories as well as all the trinkets strewn casually around table tops to be addressed another day. Somehow, with the assistance of a big tube of glue, my maybe pile started procreating. It pained me to part with this very old silver handbag but when an accessory is on donation row, there’s no risk involved. While it doesn’t feel quite finished just yet, I love the result. Lesson here: take risks, have fun, freak your nephews out with you new cool aunty status.


“Is that a pokeball??? is that an eyeball????”


Dear Internets,


The fates have been against the upkeep of my fingers and toes. 4 rescheduled plans for a much needed mani pedi pamper sesh with blogger friend and photog, Maggie from la petite mademoiselle and we found success . Finally, there are another 2 pairs of fingers and toes that are as sparkly as Sailor moon post transformation. Now here’s the dilemma, I am not a fan of  my “man hands” being photographed and I know very few people with photogenic toes. That leaves us with your imagination and a picture of my awesome new Holster sandals.


Flat, with a touch of sparkle, these jelly sunsets in black are my new go-to slip on favorites. Great for the beach, lunch, pamper sessions and for me, the perfect pairing for my sarees. They also have the cutest range of girls jellies and one style out for boys. Princess looking shoes that are actually comfortable makes a great replacement for those tacky hard glitter slippers that are common stocking stuffers for the little princesses in your life.



I won’t lie, this wasn’t just a great opportunity to catch up with Maggie, it was the perfect excuse to wear my new shoes and thrift-ed jacket that I had just painted. Snow white looked a bit lonely so I added the evil queen after and I’ll be sure to post that as soon as the sun hides behind a cloud long enough for me to wear a leather jacket without sweltering in it. For now I’ll have to depend on the Lego man fireman to hose me down when it gets too hot.


Pixel Wears
Watch | Fossil Jacqueline
Sandals | Holster sunset
Jacket | Thrifted
Midi Bodycon | Asos
Minimouse bow bag | Dinseyland Tokyo




Dear Internets,


My mums superstitions have often been a source of frustration. Where on earth did she get the idea that you cant buy important things on Tuesdays? Others however like her hair care do’s and don’t have proved to ring true. Post baby and bleached hair, this has never been more evident. Today I thought I’d share some of her tips and test out some hair tutorials.


Bear in mind, my hair is still in recovery mode. It was a combination of pregnancy, bleach and using the wrong shampoo and conditioner that left me feeling I should just chop the whole lot off. I was using quite an expensive brand previously and it just dried my hair right out. Opting for another higher end brand, I found the shampoo was just too strong for my fragile hair and the build up was not helping matters. Finally out of desperation, I uses my husband’s Sunsilk detox for men and the results were instant. From there it just made sense to go and get the right Sunsilk for me. This is essentially based oh how you treat and wear your hair on a regular basis. Don’t worry, I’ve got the whole range displayed here for you.


Do 1: Sleek bun.
The key to this is the perfect straight shampoo, a little argan oil and some hair spray. It’s a new favorite easy quick hairstyle for me.


sunsilk 1


Do 2:  Big and messy!
Some days I just can’t be bothered getting the straightening iron out. I just want easy volume and wind tousled hair without too much frizz. For this give the frizz defense  a shot or if you have colored hair like me, the colour defense will work well to stop your hair from looking rusty quite so fast. Sleep in a plait and chuck some home made salt spray in and you are ready to hit the beach in your boho dress.



Do 3: Knot up do.

This baby literally took 5 minutes to do and  is perfect for days when your hair is being unruly. All you need are a few bobby pins to secure it all in place and off you go. Try active brilliant shine to make those  little knot details show or longer and stronger so you hair is actually knot-able and in a good way. All you need now is the tutorial.

I’m sure by now you’ve seen enough of my face so here are Pixel Mumma’s aforementioned simple hair tips:

1. Never wash your hair at night if you can avoid it, particularly if you have longer hair. You are more likely to get headaches, the cold or dandruff
2. Never tie wet hair. It’s a dandruff guarantee and no one wants an itchy scalp
3. Put hair oil or tonic on your hair one hour prior to washing whenever you can manage it. You are guaranteed healthier, shinier hair in the long run.

Got all that and want more tutorials? Thanks to Sunsilk, here you go:


Dear Internets,

I have the winter blues and there is nothing that will help me apart from another trip to Greece or a severe injection of summer in my life. Forever the optimist, I”ve decided that means making floral headbands and living a life in freezing denial. Since it occurred to me that you might also think ignorance is bliss, here”s a little how to.

You will need:
1. Floral stems
2. Floral tape
3. Floral Wire
4. Silk/Foam flowers 

The floral supplies and foam flowers you can get from spotlight but I opted for silk flowers on clear up at Flower Power. The rest is pretty easy. Use at least two floral stems twisted and shaped into a crown. Using floral wire attach the flowers to your preferred composition. The last touch is the Floral tape. It is a little stretch and sticky to start but it hides those wires and dries quite fine.

So forgiving my confused expression (I just figured out how to use the remote switch for the camera) do you think you”ll be wearing flower crowns around town? See what I did there? Rhyming Queen! I can feel summer getting closer already

 ♥ pixelhazard
watching uptown girls and falling asleep