Dear Internets,

They say the people who spend the most on fashion are often the ones with the least to spend. If my life is any example, I”d have to agree. I spent my second week”s wage from my first job I ever had (fabulous check out chic) on my first pair of limited edition converse sneakers. It would have been my first pay but that traditionally goes to my grandma ūüôā The best thing is, I still have those babies now and love them as much as the day I bought them.

As¬†important¬†as it is to update your wardrobe and accessories seasonally, investment pieces are the ones you feel like you”ve spent forever saving up for but are also the ones that will continue earning you compliments forever. A quality designer purchase is something I have never regretted and when I was approached my Matches Fashion, I fell head over heels. Matches Fashion boast designer wares from labels such as Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Giles, Jonathan Saunders, Max Mara, Stella McCartney and Diane Von Furstenberg just to name a few, and it was the latter that I must admit I was surprised by.

Dian Von Furstenberg,¬†traditionally a classic and chic line, is surprisily rife with youthful options I would kill to have in my wardrobe. With these I could¬†successfully pair high fashion with high street and fool everyone into thinking I could rule the world!,¬†“oh there goes one fancy pants put together girl”.

So here are some of my pics (should you be inspired to shop):
#1 : DVF Yvanna leather dress-So edgy and well tailored, rock out without the morning after walk of shame
#2 : DVF Leeandra dress-Pastel and mod, how cute would this be on
#3:  DVF Harper envelope clutch-want want want? This will never go out of style!
#4:  DVF Elan high heel shoes: soft pinks with a pop of fluro, come hug my feet
#5:  DVF Marcie print jacket

If only I was stepping out the door in this amazing DVF jacket, paired here with Dotti skinny black jeans, jewels from Diva and Payless shoes. Believe me, in this outfit, no one is going to be looking at your feet! So is someone going to send this jacket love my way or will I have to start saving for this stunning statement maker? Yeah I know, clearly¬†delusional¬†from the fashion fumes, I”ll get my piggy bank now.

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Dear Internets,

The weekend is once again upon us and I hope you are able to take¬†advantage¬†of it. The sun has decided to grace us with it”s fleeting presence so I might try and find myself an adventure like the lovely bandana clad¬†Natalie Joos¬†pictured below by¬†JAK & JIL. Natalie is casting agent at¬†Hercules¬†magazine and a regular contributor to “V” & “the last” magazine. Quite the go getter and with gorgeous taste her adventures would make anyone jealous and possibly quite tired.

I know what you might be thinking, it”s only Friday and you”re still stuck doing something you have to do. Well to get you through that, as per my new weekend ritual, here are some mind fancies to keep you going:

Things you may have missed on

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