Dear Internets,


Shoe collaborations have been letting me down lately so I was trying not to be so fool hardy as to get carried away the next time I heard of a new release and then VANS X TOY STORY happen. For adults of my generation it was a pervasive force in our childhood with it’s huge movie debut and subsequent sequels. It put Pixar on the map in my child brain like nothing but that parent & baby lamp cartoon could. While it’s not like Justin Beiber or Harry Potter when it comes to taking over a life, my son wears Buzz Lightyear PJs having never watched the movie. The fandom is real and somewhere in my brain or my heart, a pilot light is still on waiting for this moment.

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Dear Internets,


There are some misconceptions that are made as you get older. My love for cartoons dissipating is one.I’m a proud cartoon lover even though I may not always own up to it. While I’m waiting on my car to be serviced and an employee comes in profusely apologizing that the remote has gone missing, having notice the Disney channel getting a work out, I probably won’t volunteer the fact that I actually flipped it to this channel using effort and buttons on the back of the screen that the current generation don’t even realize exists.


Having a two year old sort of fuels the fire despite having had just about enough of Thomas and his friends. If you need to know anything about steam trains though, I am probably your girl. Minnie mouse, however, is a little old school for him but the new Vans X Disney collaboration will definitely get that conversation going.



The shoes start at the most adorable tiny toddler sizes ,working their way up. They feature Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto and Winnie the Pooh – famous enough to just go by their first name, like Madonna or Cher. The high tops are especially rad and a great unisex option.



For the more Disney princess-hearted, there’s Ariel sweatshirts, and princess socks, hats, backpacks tees and high tops though I’ve yet to find the elusive last item. The whimsical perfection is seen in he attention to detail of a hidden mickey in each print. If you ever see me staring down at my Minnie mouse Vans, I’m probably looking for him. Comfortable and true to fit, my slip-ons have been providing a pop of fun as I try and avoid muddy puddles. Combined with my W7 liptember lips from chemist warehouse, kissing away the bad day blues is super easy.



Hit up Platypus shoes, Glue StoreGeneral Pants and many more to wear your heart on your soles, so to speak. AND, if you see those Disney princess shoes, you’ll let me know won’t you?


Who’s your favorite Disney character?



Dear Internets,


The fates have been against the upkeep of my fingers and toes. 4 rescheduled plans for a much needed mani pedi pamper sesh with blogger friend and photog, Maggie from la petite mademoiselle and we found success . Finally, there are another 2 pairs of fingers and toes that are as sparkly as Sailor moon post transformation. Now here’s the dilemma, I am not a fan of  my “man hands” being photographed and I know very few people with photogenic toes. That leaves us with your imagination and a picture of my awesome new Holster sandals.


Flat, with a touch of sparkle, these jelly sunsets in black are my new go-to slip on favorites. Great for the beach, lunch, pamper sessions and for me, the perfect pairing for my sarees. They also have the cutest range of girls jellies and one style out for boys. Princess looking shoes that are actually comfortable makes a great replacement for those tacky hard glitter slippers that are common stocking stuffers for the little princesses in your life.



I won’t lie, this wasn’t just a great opportunity to catch up with Maggie, it was the perfect excuse to wear my new shoes and thrift-ed jacket that I had just painted. Snow white looked a bit lonely so I added the evil queen after and I’ll be sure to post that as soon as the sun hides behind a cloud long enough for me to wear a leather jacket without sweltering in it. For now I’ll have to depend on the Lego man fireman to hose me down when it gets too hot.


Pixel Wears
Watch | Fossil Jacqueline
Sandals | Holster sunset
Jacket | Thrifted
Midi Bodycon | Asos
Minimouse bow bag | Dinseyland Tokyo




Dear Internets,


Very little can get me out of the house voluntarily when I’m down with a cold. My preference is to wallow in front of something back-lit while grazing on Asian snack foods and sipping tea. It’s very self indulgent and I’d bee in severe danger of making a Pixelhazard shaped dent in my furniture were it not for a fresh delivery at my doorstep.


The timing couldn’t be more perfect because my motivation to dress presentably before stepping out of the house has plummeted. Less temptation to sneak into something unspeakably hideous yet comfortable I found lurking in the bottom of my cupboard means this Delirium shift dress from St Frock  is making the world a better place. Remarkable for a mere $49, don’t you think?



Coupled with my amazing Fossil watch and new Lilac Puffin Bared loafers (the review for which is coming soon), I have myself a cute and comfortable outfit. Comfort is particularly key when someone has a cold. As well as some beautiful alliteration in that delightful sentence, one less irritation during illness is a saving grace for all the people around me. No one wants a cranky pixel.




Dear Internets,


For Christmas, my true love gave to me a partridge pair of kick ass boots. They are tall, white and super comfy, whats not to love? I can think of just one thing….my new ability to dress up as baby spice. All I can say to those comments is “NO, just no…“. Get your ass kicking pair of Windsor Smith Rainbow boots (ironically in white) here before they sell out [insert your own spice girls joke here].