Dear Internets,

We all have things in our wardrobe that we literally adore to pieces. Often we cradle the last shreds and then lament when we inevitably have to bin our favourite shoes, handbag or dress. I”ve decided to arm myself instead with a can of shiny gold spray paint and colour all my old belongings until they look brand new or I asphyxiate.

Step 1: Figure our what pattern you want and use masking tape or paint tape to cover all the bits you want to stay the same

Step 2: Make sure your paint is waterproof and have a test run on something to figure out the distance the can should be away from the item. Ready. Aim. Fire!

Step 3: Before the paint dries, carefully peel away masking tape. One the paint is dry, colour the imperfections to the magic that is a black sharpie. Viola!

What kind of a blog would we be if we didn”t provide some lovely finds online to browse through while recovering from Bright Green Laces induced asphyxiation.

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swimming in work on a cold day


Dear Internets,

My hair has gone from being endlessly long to dramatically short. The change was so drastic that my hair dresser accidentally hung up on a client from the sheer excitement of me saying “do whatever you like, cut it all off or something !”. Yeah that”s how I roll! It”s about shoulder length now and I must admit, I”ve started to get bored again & Mr Mo misses my long locks.


While you ponder the above important life questions, I shall fill your minds with inspiration via links

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wan”t a do-over this week


Dear Internets,

The weekend is once again upon us and I hope you are able to take advantage of it. The sun has decided to grace us with it”s fleeting presence so I might try and find myself an adventure like the lovely bandana clad Natalie Joos pictured below by JAK & JIL. Natalie is casting agent at Hercules magazine and a regular contributor to “V” & “the last” magazine. Quite the go getter and with gorgeous taste her adventures would make anyone jealous and possibly quite tired.

I know what you might be thinking, it”s only Friday and you”re still stuck doing something you have to do. Well to get you through that, as per my new weekend ritual, here are some mind fancies to keep you going:

Things you may have missed on

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Sneezing x3 in a row


Dear Internets,

Looking for some Twitter 2 way communication? Yeah me to. Just leave your twitter handle in the comments box & I”ll look you up 😉

Sometimes the art we find around us,the kind we mostly ignore (you must remember) is the kind that has no admission fee. Welcome to the streets of Melbourne, Australia – No air plane ticket required!

Speaking of pretty things in Australia- here”s my net round up for the week, largely featuring Aussie designers and their wares

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pities the fool


Dear Internets,

Why should fun things like tutus be reserved just for chiildren? All it requires is a few modifications and subtlty on our parts. I love wearing this deflated tutu like skirt. Made a little longer, blacker and flatter it still makes me feel like an undercover fairy.

On to web-love for the week. Sorry about my absence. I”ve been a jet setter. Hope you”ve had a dandy weekend too 🙂

♥ pixelhazard