Dear Internets,

It’s my birthday and I’ll buy if I want to. Actually that’s a damn lie and I won’t have it on this blog!  “It’s my birthday and I’ll drop hints if I want to before people give up and get me something completely random which I have no space for and would have preferred they just gave me a hug” just seemed a little too long winded so I took some artistic license. Besides, I am utterly the easiest person to buy for. I am constantly wanting things, never waste them and can never justify spending the money on myself so you know I won’t already have it. Let’s face it, a good waterproof black liquid eyeliner and one less meal to cook will deliver you a happy girl.

Barring that, here’s whats on my wish list at the moment, in the order I desperately want it:



I do not know the meaning of this word lately but there’s nothing so motivational as new shoes or exercise gear to kick start my activity. After dropping my precariously propped pedometer on the floor one too many times, I gave up and have deluded myself into not thinking I’m being a lump ever since. I most often wear dresses to work so the Black Fitbit Charge in Medium $146 AUD is the perfect solution! To be honest, I can’t believe I didn’t invent it myself. That’ll teach me to settle for toppling pedometers

2. Colourful tips.

black hair
If you are looking for tips of some kind, I appologise for the misconception, I refer of course to the ends of my hair! Corporate life doesn’t really allow for candy color hair but I could probably get away with ashy blue/green/purple mermaid tips discreetly tucked away in a chignon if the timing isn’t right for crazy. Now to find a hair dresser with the confidence and experience to do it.

3.Frida is my spirit animal.


I’ve raved about Kitty Came Home bi folds before and here I go again. They are the best wallet of all time [or so I paraphrase from Kanye]. Perfect amount of card space, awesome fabrics, great quality and I always know how much money I have without ever having too much change. My favourite is this Frida Kahlo on at $52.15 USD. Totally worth it! Besides, my souvenir London one is sort of falling apart (sorry mum)

4. Everyone has baggage


And these days an 8GB usb stick just isn’t cutting it. 2 external hard drives later, I think it’s time to invest in a terabyte or 3. The Seagate Expansion 3TB desktop hard drive $139 AUD seems like a bargain and might keep me going for a little longer. It doesn’t help that I am holding on to every kids movie I have ever had on the off chance I will have movie obsessed children. So far kidlet only has interest in sports and cars (thank goodness!). To be fair though, I do revisit a few of them myself.

5. Get It On!


Perhaps my fitness resolutions are failing because I am dreaming of all this winter but as far as I’m concerned, outerwear is too essential to cast aside to merely 3-4 months a year. I’d love the Tokito check waterfall jacket $99.95 AUD for the warmer months and maybe this ASOS tall Midi Coat in Wool $183.00 AUD for when the cooler weather creeps in.


Dear Internets,


Most people have a beauty product lover in their lives. I had never understood spending so much time and effort on soaps and creams until a few years ago and since then, I’ve been hunting for products I can really get behind. Finally I have a team of things I enjoy and enjoy giving to friends and family over the holiday season.


1. DermaSukin gentle body wash. I love Sukin and I don’t have particularly sensitive skin but when it comes to soap. I think everyone could do without all the harsh chemicals disguised under pretty names. You skin in your first form of defense, so stop destroying all that good bacteria but get rid of the grime. It has the added bonus of not getting up my nose and making me feel like I’ve just had too much wasabi but apparently that’s a problem unique to me.

2. Lush Batch bombs. Sure you don’t have baths but these babies are worth the break in routine. A little fragrant/gentle/sparkly “choose-your-own-adventure” decadent take on hygiene. Their approach tends to be earth friendly and if you only have a shower at your place, there are plenty of other things you could try and will love!

3. The Body Shop Shea Body Butter. I have notoriously dry skin so when Maggie gifted this to me, I had no idea my skin would love it more than sorbolene, all without that horrible sorbolene-ey smell.


4. Demeter’s cologne from Molten Store. I’m not sure what marshmallow smells like off the top of my head but if you tell me you don’t want to smell like it, I’ll call you a liar.

5. Grown Alchemist Regenerating night cream. A little ex-ey but isn’t the future of your skin worth it? If your answer is no, that’s ok, you’re probably young, you have time. For those those outside of that boat, try out this life raft and drink a whole heap of water,

6. Boots No7. If anyone goes to the UK and asks what I want, my response in boots no7. Winner of many beauty awards and accolades, it’s one product I could feel working a few days after I used it. If you don’t know anyone travelling that way, Try Amcal, they stock some of the range.

I hope you love them as much as I do!


Dear Internets,

Father’s day has always been a challenging one when it comes to gifts but this year spells double trouble with it being the first one for hubs. Add to that the fact that kidlet is sick and the standard response to the question “what would you like for father’s day?

Hubby: Hugs and kisses (awwww but not helpful)
Dad: I have everything I need…don’t waste your money unless it’s on a new car for me

All that means on my end is a little last minute shopping on my end. In case you are in the same boat, here are some of the gifts the men in my life are getting this year and some they’ve received in the past, just in time for late night shopping.


Kids bicycle seat: for the active dad who loves taking the kids along for the ride.
Puma work out grip bag: for the dad who wants to stay in shape.
Skagen Activ watch: for the man who hates jewellery but needs to be on time. Skagen is the perfect slimline non-bulky option
Tickets to Cricket/Soccer: for the sports fan dad…at least you’ll get some peace while they cheer on their team.
Peter Alexander robe: for the dad who gets up in the middle of the night to tend to the kids (however rarely it occurs)
Fitbit Flex wireless activity tracker: for the tech dad who likes to stay on top of things
Phillips Hairclippers: for the man who keeps asking you to cut his hair.
Johnnie Walker black: for the dad who likes to wind down on a friday night.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you with your last minute shopping. If you want to win some speakers for him, check out our easy giveaway here.


Dear Internets,


It’s a special mother’s day this year, being the first as a Mother myself. Before today, my appreciation for my mum had been a mere shadow of it’s current self. To her I attribute my soft side, my fat lips, my hysterical laughter when I’m exhausted. She is an endless source of crazy pie that knows, in those moments where no one else does, just what I need. This year she needed an every day handbag. Let’s hope she likes this Basque Zoe tote that fits all her requirements:mday

  • Zipper closure
  • Versatile colour
  • Short handles as well as strap
  • About the size of her LV speedy

This is the bit where you ask why she doesn’t just use her speedy? The answer is she’s a mum and only uses her fancy pants handbags on “special occasions”. Love ya mum!




Santa Baby,

Sidebar: It’s always good to start these letters off a little schmoozey. Besides, he gets tonnes of “gimme” mail so I want my one to stand out. All year long I pour over beautiful things I want but when it comes to Christmas, mum’s the word. Part of it is the guilt of asking someone to spend money on me. The other part is what some would call my annoying belief that gift giving should be a thoughtful process where you search for something you know the other person would enjoy. Clues are ok but asking “what do you want & where do I get it?” is something I just can’t do. This means I often get little and it’s all up to Santa.


You are awesome and I’ve been a good girl this year. To make your job easier, I thought I would make a list of all the things that would make me cry out with delight on Christmas morning. The price range is quite large just in case you are experiencing the credit crunch in the north pole. Travel safe. x. Pixelhazard

1. Bi-fold Frida Kahlo wallet by Kitty Came home $65
By far the best wallet I have ever owned, now comes in such a rad print. Clear coin section so I never have too much shrapnel rattling around, nice and flat in my handbag and self sealing with plenty of card space. Is there anything more you could want from a purse?

2. The Mirage by Lack of Color in Camel Brown 56cm (with hat filler cos I have a tiny tiny head) $45
Chic and I know it’ll serve me well. The perfect “hide my hat hair” solution!

3. Cheese board and knife set $10
I’m an entertainer and cook at heart with a soft spot for soft cheeses. This gift is for you too because no one leaves my place hungry

4. Leather full skirt by Tibi $998
Any full skirt will win my heart but the ones by Tibi are by far my fave. I know I probably won’t be able to wear this until winter but some things are worth the wait.

5. A laptop
Something reliable, internet and graphics software capable that looks pretty would be great. I don’t have my heart set on any model in particular but a girl cant dream right?

6. Jamie Oliver BBQ Griller Utensil $10
See I’m not looking to break your piggy bank. All my awesome childhood memories of summer involve beaches and back yard BBQ’s and now I’m all grown up it’s about time I started new BBQ grilling traditions

7. Jamie Oliver terracotta drizzler $10
What can I say but drizzle drizzle. Bruschetta anyone?

8. A magazine subscription.
Magazines are my guilty pleasure.”Guilty” not because it’s embarrassing but because I spend far too much of my money on them. The gift of guilt free reading is a lovely thing.

9. Rainbow boots by Windsor Smith in white size 9, $199 (edit: now 30% off)
Many would argue that the last thing I need is a height boost but to them I say these shoes are too cool to conform to height rules. Sure I’ll feel like an amazon and possibly alienate everyone around me but it’s worth it!