Dear Internets,

When my mum told me BLORANGE was the new hair trend a few weeks ago, I thought she had comically misheard like she does with Kanye song lyrics. Considering “Gigi Hadid’s blorange hair” made the news today, it appears I was mistaken. I’m envious of what in most instances looks more like a vibrant strawberry blonde, because I have pitch black hair. The versions that look more like an actual blood orange, I’m a bit more dubious about. My ethos with hair is if you love it and its reasonably achievable, try it. Hair grows back. Isn’t the more pertinent question “why is Gigi’s new hair style in the news?Continue reading


Dear Internets,


Hair envy is an easy thing. With so many super styled, unimaginably pastel mermaid dreams looking hairstyles out there on social media, it’s easy to want what you don’t have. When I had long colored hair, I longed for the days of chic, short hydrated inky jet black locks. Now that I have wavy LOB length jet black hair, I dream of my long haired days forgetting the dried out bleach bombed nightmare that frizzed at the drop of…well a drop of anything.

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Dear Internets,

It’s my birthday and I’ll buy if I want to. Actually that’s a damn lie and I won’t have it on this blog!  “It’s my birthday and I’ll drop hints if I want to before people give up and get me something completely random which I have no space for and would have preferred they just gave me a hug” just seemed a little too long winded so I took some artistic license. Besides, I am utterly the easiest person to buy for. I am constantly wanting things, never waste them and can never justify spending the money on myself so you know I won’t already have it. Let’s face it, a good waterproof black liquid eyeliner and one less meal to cook will deliver you a happy girl.

Barring that, here’s whats on my wish list at the moment, in the order I desperately want it:



I do not know the meaning of this word lately but there’s nothing so motivational as new shoes or exercise gear to kick start my activity. After dropping my precariously propped pedometer on the floor one too many times, I gave up and have deluded myself into not thinking I’m being a lump ever since. I most often wear dresses to work so the Black Fitbit Charge in Medium $146 AUD is the perfect solution! To be honest, I can’t believe I didn’t invent it myself. That’ll teach me to settle for toppling pedometers

2. Colourful tips.

black hair
If you are looking for tips of some kind, I appologise for the misconception, I refer of course to the ends of my hair! Corporate life doesn’t really allow for candy color hair but I could probably get away with ashy blue/green/purple mermaid tips discreetly tucked away in a chignon if the timing isn’t right for crazy. Now to find a hair dresser with the confidence and experience to do it.

3.Frida is my spirit animal.


I’ve raved about Kitty Came Home bi folds before and here I go again. They are the best wallet of all time [or so I paraphrase from Kanye]. Perfect amount of card space, awesome fabrics, great quality and I always know how much money I have without ever having too much change. My favourite is this Frida Kahlo on at $52.15 USD. Totally worth it! Besides, my souvenir London one is sort of falling apart (sorry mum)

4. Everyone has baggage


And these days an 8GB usb stick just isn’t cutting it. 2 external hard drives later, I think it’s time to invest in a terabyte or 3. The Seagate Expansion 3TB desktop hard drive $139 AUD seems like a bargain and might keep me going for a little longer. It doesn’t help that I am holding on to every kids movie I have ever had on the off chance I will have movie obsessed children. So far kidlet only has interest in sports and cars (thank goodness!). To be fair though, I do revisit a few of them myself.

5. Get It On!


Perhaps my fitness resolutions are failing because I am dreaming of all this winter but as far as I’m concerned, outerwear is too essential to cast aside to merely 3-4 months a year. I’d love the Tokito check waterfall jacket $99.95 AUD for the warmer months and maybe this ASOS tall Midi Coat in Wool $183.00 AUD for when the cooler weather creeps in.


Dear Internets,


My mums superstitions have often been a source of frustration. Where on earth did she get the idea that you cant buy important things on Tuesdays? Others however like her hair care do’s and don’t have proved to ring true. Post baby and bleached hair, this has never been more evident. Today I thought I’d share some of her tips and test out some hair tutorials.


Bear in mind, my hair is still in recovery mode. It was a combination of pregnancy, bleach and using the wrong shampoo and conditioner that left me feeling I should just chop the whole lot off. I was using quite an expensive brand previously and it just dried my hair right out. Opting for another higher end brand, I found the shampoo was just too strong for my fragile hair and the build up was not helping matters. Finally out of desperation, I uses my husband’s Sunsilk detox for men and the results were instant. From there it just made sense to go and get the right Sunsilk for me. This is essentially based oh how you treat and wear your hair on a regular basis. Don’t worry, I’ve got the whole range displayed here for you.


Do 1: Sleek bun.
The key to this is the perfect straight shampoo, a little argan oil and some hair spray. It’s a new favorite easy quick hairstyle for me.


sunsilk 1


Do 2:  Big and messy!
Some days I just can’t be bothered getting the straightening iron out. I just want easy volume and wind tousled hair without too much frizz. For this give the frizz defense  a shot or if you have colored hair like me, the colour defense will work well to stop your hair from looking rusty quite so fast. Sleep in a plait and chuck some home made salt spray in and you are ready to hit the beach in your boho dress.



Do 3: Knot up do.

This baby literally took 5 minutes to do and  is perfect for days when your hair is being unruly. All you need are a few bobby pins to secure it all in place and off you go. Try active brilliant shine to make those  little knot details show or longer and stronger so you hair is actually knot-able and in a good way. All you need now is the tutorial.

I’m sure by now you’ve seen enough of my face so here are Pixel Mumma’s aforementioned simple hair tips:

1. Never wash your hair at night if you can avoid it, particularly if you have longer hair. You are more likely to get headaches, the cold or dandruff
2. Never tie wet hair. It’s a dandruff guarantee and no one wants an itchy scalp
3. Put hair oil or tonic on your hair one hour prior to washing whenever you can manage it. You are guaranteed healthier, shinier hair in the long run.

Got all that and want more tutorials? Thanks to Sunsilk, here you go:


Dear Internets,


Hot days are perfect for the beach and gelato, but not so perfect for my frying hair so today’s post is something of a recipe and remedy. While food is a big part of my life (as you might tell from the occasional instagram) food photography is not a skill I possess but let’s give it a shot.First things first. The recipe.

Lychee, rose and mint gelato.


  • 1.4 kg lychees
  • 150g caster sugar
  • 175ml mineral water
  • 2 tbsp rose water
  • 4-6 chopped mint leaves (depending on how much you love the stuff)


1. Peel and de-seed lychees
2. Blitz in food processor until you get a drink like consistency
3. Put water and sugar on the heat in a non stick saucepan and bring to a boil
4. Once sugar is mostly dissolved, remove from heat and cool
5. Once mixture is cool, use electric beater/processor to combine sugar syrup,rosewater and lychees
6. At this point add the mint (or exclude, depending on your tastebuds) and pop mix into the freezer.

For those with an ice cream maker, go ahead and follow your machine’s instructions. For those without, a slushie/semi-freddo can be achieved by blitzing, freezing and re-blitzing (keeps the ice away). I made mine with a Moulinex Masterchef & Breville Mixer Scraper Pro


While that’s getting ready of if you’ve already gobbled it all up, time to get onto your hair. I am in love with all things original mineral. Their Know Knott is literally preventing me from pulling my hair out, and for that extra moisture and shine Krystal Milk by Alter Ego Italy is on high rotation with the much talked about Keretase. Now that’s taken care of, time to crack open and young coconut and while the balmy day away