Dear Internets,


Despite living in a perpetually drought stricken country, it’s amazing how many enemies rain has managed to make. An unfortunate skill that was displayed to perfection last long weekend. The culmination of Australia day public holiday and Indian independence day sprinkled generously with big fat rain drops rather than confetti got everyone worked up.


‘How was your long weekend?”
Great except for MONDAY!
“Oh no, what happen?”
remember? it rained!

While many chose to regard that extra day off as snatched from their vice like grip, I put on some sneakers, a jacket, hat and got on with it! What better excuse to do nothing but cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie, read a book, eat wintery foods in summer or in my case, risk a drenching for a brunch out.


Don’t worry, it’s not optimism that leaves me irritatingly immune to the spirit dampening downpour. It is in fact my stubborn refusal to give up an extra day off. During the week, as someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, I have nothing but bad things to say about being forced to wear certain shoes, park in narrow expensive undercover packing lots and incidental drenching. Gladly this can all be done over hot coffee with like minded irritated people. Misery loves company.

Pixelhazard wears:
Hat | Lack of Color | Mirage
Pokemon tee | O’mighty | Beginning Boutique
Necklace | House of baulch
Sneakers | Converse |Batman similar
Jacket | Thrifted and DIY
Pants | H &M


Dear Internets,


There’s something comforting about the sound of whirring metallic fan blades. To me, combined with the noise of cricket (the sport and the bug I suppose), it is the soundtrack of summer. Most people are either cold or hot season people; its mutually exclusive. I happen to be the latter which seriously conflicts with my commitment to layers. All this “interesting” information is primarily to preserve a perception of sanity when you see me out and about in a leather jacket.


Perhaps my brain has melted from overheating because I can’t help myself. I love the Disney Snow white theme I painted of the back and am too stubborn to wait for the weather to cool. Coupled with my current love of jumpsuits, platforms and never ending love of perspex jewelry and dinosaurs, I make the perfect picture of disjointed fun. Can you imagine how I would have dressed as a child given free reign?





Pixels giant Crayola look:
Jacket | Thrifted and painted
Jumpsuit | Forever New (similar)
Shoes | Windsor Smith
Earrings | Tokyo somewhere
Necklace | Gift from HK
Green Lantern Ring | Maccas



Dear Internets,


The moment I put on this Opening Ceremony x Adidas Originals bandana print neoprene bell curved number, I fell in love. The indulgent structure ensured that I took it home with me the moment I saw it and since then it’s been through a lot. It’s been to a fashion week, accidentally hidden my pregnancy from friends and kept me warm. How nice to know there’s a coat in my wardrobe for which I never have to ask “does my bum look big in this?” bacause the answer in truth would be “baby you look like a parabola“. It’s not often I can say I’m ok with that.




Dear Internets,


Thrift shopping can sometimes leave you with nothing but the faint smell of old people, but the keen persistent eye occasionally spots gold. Not only a great ethical way to shop for clothing, it prevents your wardrobe from being what IKEA is to homes. I spotted this Planet Hollywood Jacket from Beverly hills that scream all good things about the 90’s. Fortunately it was snapped up almost immediately by Sarahteaa. Thank goodness because if she didn’t, I’d have to, and I’m already 4 denim jackets in at this point.


Paired with the Evil Twin Bad Element slouch pants (here), some Winsor Smith Puffy heels (here) and a basic black top, it’s the answer to an Autumn day out with friends. We got our brunch on, and it was good!


Dear Internets,


As the rest of the world gear up for the cold weather ahead, my mind can’t help but adore my constant winter fashion favorite : the structured coat. Sure, looking at these images while it’s 35 degrees C outside can cause me to break out into a sweat but I can’t help but share some of the pieces from Jaime Ashkar’s Positive + Negative AW14 line. Chunky, voluminous and bold – not exactly the best combination of attributes when it comes to a dream date, but in a winter coat, you have me won.


Beautiful lines in textural wool crepe and cashmere injects a chic look with vibrant color into an otherwise cumbersome winter. The different lengths of crisp white, calming greys with popping tangerines and royal blues offer something for every spectrum of cold the erratic winter climate has to offer. This redeeming feature of numbing cold almost has me wishing for our winter days back but since we don’t even get to enjoy the whimsy of snow, I might just have to wait it out until next year.