Dear Internets,


I love a lot about kids clothes except for the fact they account for about 70% of my weekly washing. Tutu’s, magic, superheros and cartoons are all perfect but finding things that fit all practical pillars of being durable, affordable, convenient and appropriate can at times be hard to find. When kidswear starts including gold sequin hot pants, kitten heels or highly violent themes, I start to lose interest.

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Dear Internets,


Kidlet’s first birthday has resulted in each room in our house looking like a toy commercial…if toy commercials included the mess of reality. This is particularly true during bath time which is really an unpaid Boon commercial. We’ve got scrubbles, links and waterbugs, but before you start dialling pest control,these are the names of some of kidlet’s bath toys. That bright orange scrubble squirt toy is his fave, possibly due to the texture of the spots feeling amazing on his teething gums. They are BPA free too so I don’t have to worry about toxic leeching plastics.


My fave are the links because I can’t pretend to sit idly by while I’m actually mix and matching foam marine animals while Thomas is enjoying splashing around. You should see the genetic hybrids I’m creating! Once he gets older, the water bugs will really come into their own but for now, it’s nice to have a child enthusiastic about having a bath. Now to figure out how to get Mr prune fingers out of there.



I shop for Boon in Toys’R’Us and Big W so if you know a kidlet who needs a splash incentive this Christmas, it might just be a brilliant idea.


Dear Internets,


Pint size princesses and superheros wandering around shopping malls demonstrates the heights and depths of their wardrobe potential. While boys clothes can sometimes be limited to jersey shorts and trackies in primary colors coupled with a tee’s , every once in a while I start calculating whether or not the largest size would fit me.  That’s when I know I’m onto a winner.

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Tumble ‘N Dry is starting the style lessons early. Well dressed adults clothing shrunken to fit your kids minus those horrible kiddy heels, string bikinis and tube tops (YUCK!). Sass and class that will hopefully prevent terrible clothing decisions when they are finally able to buy their own clothes. The boys clothes are ‘comfy ‘n trendy with my fave item being  the little Norfolk shirt and badass Novato jacket.


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The girls clothing is a perfect combination of classic and modern. Ice cream colored shorts, jeans and chic tees form a selection of clothing you don’t have to worry your girls may outgrow, style-wise. I have to admit, my heart melted a little when I saw the Oden Love set. I love their denim collection and the fact my discovery won’t have to be short lived catering for 3 size categories.



Dear Internets & parentals,


Style is for all ages and Boon Inc. is proof of that. I am currently in that “blocks under-foot and food getting rubbed on my pants” stage so seeing the functional and pretty Boon products scattered through my home looking chic is a welcome change. It started innocently with a squirt spoon to feed bub his first solids without having them chucked back at my face. Soon I moved to the pulp teething feeder after getting annoyed with cleaning the standard net version.


After that I was out of control. I got my mother’s group onto it and justified the purchase of some lawn to dry my lovely boon products on. It’s become so much easier to find his spoons, bowls and bottles instead of searching between the big plates. The twig helps keep the more fiddly things in place and it’s all surprisingly easy to clean, staying scum free between washes. Last (for now at least) came the bath bubbles. Kidlet wasn’t convinced at first but now he’s almost 1, there a fits of giggles at bath time as he tries to stick them all over the tub and pull them off again.


Among the trucks, bouncy balls and hot wheels cars, there are still shreds of more sophisticated kid design that doesn’t stub the toes. Ahhh!