Dear Internets,

The weekend is once again upon us and I hope you are able to take advantage of it. The sun has decided to grace us with it”s fleeting presence so I might try and find myself an adventure like the lovely bandana clad Natalie Joos pictured below by JAK & JIL. Natalie is casting agent at Hercules magazine and a regular contributor to “V” & “the last” magazine. Quite the go getter and with gorgeous taste her adventures would make anyone jealous and possibly quite tired.

I know what you might be thinking, it”s only Friday and you”re still stuck doing something you have to do. Well to get you through that, as per my new weekend ritual, here are some mind fancies to keep you going:

Things you may have missed on

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Sneezing x3 in a row


Dear Internets,

Looking for some Twitter 2 way communication? Yeah me to. Just leave your twitter handle in the comments box & I”ll look you up 😉

Sometimes the art we find around us,the kind we mostly ignore (you must remember) is the kind that has no admission fee. Welcome to the streets of Melbourne, Australia – No air plane ticket required!

Speaking of pretty things in Australia- here”s my net round up for the week, largely featuring Aussie designers and their wares

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pities the fool