Dear Internets,


The red and white Camper logo has been recognized by my mind for so many years but has never popped into my head when I’m in need for a shoe shopping fix. Perhaps this is due to some misconceived association I have with orthopedic looking things donning my ‘far too young‘ feet. The fact is Camper has far exceeded my expectations on multiple fronts.

Here are some things I just did not know:

1. Camper makes footwear for Women, Men & Children. Read more about the kids collection at our Lifestyle blog, Little Bright Green.


2. Their shoes are surprisingly comfy because of the incredible zig zag and mango cheek looking soles and leather uppers so no more hush puppies and ugly flats

3. While appearing comfortable, when you put them on, they actually look amazing (as modeled by the uber cute Charmaine)


4. Camper collaborates so you get some really special footwear & cool concepts like the Twin collection where the shoes have a theme but the left shoe slightly differs from the right or the Love collection where your feet spell out what your lips don’t have to.



The next time I find myself complaining about my shoes being too uncomfortable or my comfy shoes being too ugly for words, I’ll stop dreaming of my milanese boaters and march myself off to a Camper store and get shopping. Hopefully when your shoes are biting your toes and ankles you’ll find some respite with me. Happy shopping!


p.s. Aussies, don’t forget to enter our giveaway



Diffusion line. It seems to be the buzz phrase lately with everyone getting in on the accessibility train, but sometimes the ratios can be a bit off. Instead of installing a little of your favourite designer into your wardrobe for an affordable price, you are fighting in a frenzy of shoppers for items of clothing you may or may not have otherwise purchased for the retail price : like cordial with just a little too much water in it. Sometimes it’s done brilliantly and I have a feeling this is one of those times.


Phillip Lim is coming to Target on September 15th but sadly, just in Canada & the US. Sadly they don’t ship internationally so my option is buying it highly inflated on eBay. Now might be the right time to ask if anyone wants to make a purchase on my behalf & send it to Australia? The diffusion line is the perfect balance of clean lines, amazing prints and luxury Phillip Lim is known for. The kind I would wait in line for way to early in the morning. The kind that makes designer bag owners in Malaysia irritated because everyone thinks they are carrying an exception market knock off… sure the last line is a bit of a stretch but those of you who have experienced this know what I’m talking about.

1 2 3


So what do you think? Will a little Lim be coming to a wardrobe near you?



Dear Internets,


I’m on one of those “self imposed shopping ban”s which essentially means I’m saving up or too povvo to buy the things I want to buy. Given that all sounds far too real for me I’m going to stick to my well worded self deception. That being said I’m more than willing to live vicariously through you folk and being how charitable I am, what better way than to recommend some things I’m loving right now.


Anything Ae’lkemi , Jamie Ashkar, Serpent and the Swan & Lauren Damelian (featured in our next post) will have you planning parties just so you have places to wear these gorgeous pieces. While completly different is styling, the beauty of each label is in their shapes and attention to detail, wether it be little black shiny horses on sheer fabric or open backs with perfect drapery. Someone get me to a club opening or red carpet stat!


For your feet, try the mode collective. Home to cute boots, crazy prints and the perfect comfy smoking slipper, pull out that cigar and cravat and lets go! I’ve been wanting those smoking slippers for goodness knows how long now. The heeled version above are cute too don’t you think?


There’s no shopping lust without jewellery is there? While chain necklaces and bracelets have been everywhere lately, It’s important to be picky. The last thing you want to do is look like “Con the fruiterer” with a big gold chain around your neck. Luv AJ do this trend beautifully, with a great selection of colors available at The Dark Horse and if you’re feeling really good about it, grab a matching bracelet…I’m sure you deserve it.


Last but not least, something to frame the face, particularly for those of you who are four eyes like me. Introducing Sneaking Duck an optical brand that makes it easy to get that pesky prescription filled. Best thing is you can try before you buy which is a luxury you don’t often get with online shopping. With a wide variety of glasses and shades, I’m sure you’ll find a shape and size to change up your look this season. If you have one of those wooden watches going around, they have wooden look frame to match. Very cute as you can tell by La petite mademoiselle pictured below sporting the “nerdy” look.


What labels and items have made it onto your lust list?



Hello Webdudes,

I have a habit of roping friends into some often weird and wonderful things such as the Saturday Spooky Lunch hosted by Ms G’s last October.  Reen and Dan were my companions on this adventure, guided by my exclamations of how awesome it was going to be based on my previous experience at one of Ms G’s Hangover Brunches.

What could POSSIBLY GO WRONG at this mystery seven course lunch?

Surprise lunch
Ants on a Larp
Ants on a
Ants on

So, ants were on the menu. Real ones. Like, with faces and legs and stuff, looking at you with their little black eyes as you reluctantly shovel them in your mouth. (Meanwhile, Dan Hong was probably rubbing his hands with glee at the rolling out of his genius master plan on how many diners he could make squirm while taking their money. That and the reassuring words of the wait staff telling us how they totally wouldn’t eat what they were serving us)

Let’s get out of here!

ANYWAY. This is meant to be an outfit post, not a weird gross-out food post designed to make you readers vom and never visit this blog again (please don’t fire me, Reen …). As it was a Halloween-themed lunch, Dan and I decided to kind of dress the part, because that’s half the fun of Halloween!

Kicking it, casual-style, and playing it spooky with the fun motifs of vampires for Dan and mummies for me. It’s all cheekiness and vampire dentures up in here.

Continuing the Halloween theme with accessories. Rings from MANIAMANIA and Low Luv by Erin Wasson; Skull bracelet was a gift from my sister; Cross bracelet handmade by me.

This is our “grumpy Japanese street style” pose.

Dan Wears:
T-Shirt: Uniqlo
Jeans: Levi’s
Shoes: Nike
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Lee Wears:
Jumper: The Cassette Society
Tights/Catsuit: Blackmilk
Shoes: Dr Martens
Sunglasses: ksubi


Dear Internets,

Normally it”s all high heels, band aids and blisters but last week we gave our feet a rest for the Adidas united presentation. The two divisions, Sports Performance and Adidas Originals came together and down the very attractive catwalk in forty amazing looks.

We were most excited to take a closer look at the collaborative designer collections including Adidas by Stella McCartney, Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott and Adidas Originals by Kazuki. Partly because they are always completely amazing, partly because they run off the racks & I can never get my hands on them fast enough.

After sufficient time spent sipping our delicious Boost juice breakfast while mind shopping, we resolved to shop everything for real and slipped back stage. What we found was like a scene from the most terrifyingly glamorous unisex gym change room. To compliment everyone”s athletic build, Jon Pulitano for Redken created the perfect wet-look hair paired with dewy minimal make up by Natasha Severino for M.A.C.

The perfect look for this sporty brand was given a little renowned edge with electric blue mascara, which seems to be trending at the moment. Eventually drawing our gaze back to the clothes and shoes, I caught the glint of Metallica foil clothing, winged shoes and a perfect frilled tartan tracksuit. Why is it I never look that good in a track suit?

All snaps property of Bright Green Laces except for this one above from Little Hero

So thrilled with what we saw, we”re going to the Adidas store today to shop the current season. A big thank you to NAC media group for inviting us to give you guys the back stage scoop and Little Hero PR for the information. We”ll be bringing all our favorite snaps from the runway soon so keep those eyes peeled. You won”t want to miss it!

 ♥ pixelhazard
is definately not a model