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Gift guides are all over the place this time of year, many from stores all conveniently listing their brands boasting to have you sorted this father’s day. Today I bring you a collection of this I have considered getting the men in my life. Hopefully it hits a chord with the sporty, crazy, funny. men in your life who don’t really understand the point of cushions.


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1.Triumph & Disaster. No this is not the succinct description of the way this gift is going to go down. Triumph & disaster are beautiful men’s toiletries including moisturizers, exfoliates and hair products from New Zealand. Seldom are men’s “beauty” products this considered and lovely. The stash box ($189 NZD) is a perfect idea for that facial hair’d dad.



2. Fitbit Charge $169 AUD. There are other trackers like Garmin that are great but if your dad is competitive go with the one that runs in the family. For us it’s the Fitbit and once the niceties of Father’s day is over, crush him in a work week challenge.


3. Jabra Move Bluetooth headphones $159 AUD. Bring dad back to the present and out of a tangled mess with these awesome wireless headphones. Great sound quality for those tech savvy dads constantly in front of their laptops, tablets or smart phones. Be warned, if your dad is none of these things but loves music, you are also investing in time figuring out how to get Abba onto whatever musically capable device while he explains the history of music technology in his lifetime.


4. Happy Socks $59.95 AUD gift boxWhy mess with the classics when socks and undies have worked for so many decades? Besides, we all know dads aren’t usually the best at upgrading the hole-y necessities. Why not upgrade it for them?


5. The Horse watch $139 AUD. They might have the gold ones, shiny ones or the ones with a million dials, the purpose of which they have no idea. Occasionally they’ll need to attend weddings or wear slacks and look like classy human beings. Why not help with a beautiful watch that won’t leave a dent in your mum’s wrist when they hold hands. So many colors to choose from, all of which are gorgeous.


Hopefully one of our top five makes it to the top of your dad’s favorite gifts. Mine is getting a family photo shoot and looks like this year hubby getting a self watering vertical garden. Clearly the men in my life are oddballs, evidenced by the Typo cards I picked for them this year. Gotta love ’em!

IMG_1377 IMG_1376


Dear Internets,

Father’s day has always been a challenging one when it comes to gifts but this year spells double trouble with it being the first one for hubs. Add to that the fact that kidlet is sick and the standard response to the question “what would you like for father’s day?

Hubby: Hugs and kisses (awwww but not helpful)
Dad: I have everything I need…don’t waste your money unless it’s on a new car for me

All that means on my end is a little last minute shopping on my end. In case you are in the same boat, here are some of the gifts the men in my life are getting this year and some they’ve received in the past, just in time for late night shopping.


Kids bicycle seat: for the active dad who loves taking the kids along for the ride.
Puma work out grip bag: for the dad who wants to stay in shape.
Skagen Activ watch: for the man who hates jewellery but needs to be on time. Skagen is the perfect slimline non-bulky option
Tickets to Cricket/Soccer: for the sports fan dad…at least you’ll get some peace while they cheer on their team.
Peter Alexander robe: for the dad who gets up in the middle of the night to tend to the kids (however rarely it occurs)
Fitbit Flex wireless activity tracker: for the tech dad who likes to stay on top of things
Phillips Hairclippers: for the man who keeps asking you to cut his hair.
Johnnie Walker black: for the dad who likes to wind down on a friday night.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you with your last minute shopping. If you want to win some speakers for him, check out our easy giveaway here.


Dear Internets,


Two wrists….count em…1…2. Any even though I only ever wear one at a time, watches are something I feel the need to have multiples of. It”s more than the fact there are so many different styles. Each pair I own has a story or memory attached to it and has generally been bought for me. My first watch was a gift from my parents. After pining over the classic mickey mouse watch, they finally bought me one and it was my pride and joy until I accidentally dunked them under the bubblers at school. Mickey steamed, the glass face feel off and the tragedy of that moment still haunts me.

watch collage

Since them I”ve received Swiss watches from relatives, my uncles retirement watch, one from my husband just before our wedding day and the list goes on. My most recent watch purchase may have also been my very first & what did I go for? I wanted something with metal straps, a “clicky clackey” clasp and a beautiful timeless design in the large style that has been so well embraced at the moment. Perfect examples are the pieces from Marc by Marc Jacobs which is as beautiful from the front to the back of the watch face ( & which I am currently coveting) , Armani Exchange or Michael Kors.


For the men, bigger seems to be better, as evidenced by the comical look on my face whenever I try on a male friends watch. The fact that these Diesel watches look as thought they have been ripped from the wrist of a rally car racer or perhaps more accurately, the dash or a rally car make them different. These coaster pieces are an awesome statement maker and gift idea for my Mr petrol head. Of course they may not work as well next to a hot pressed slim fit business suit cuff in which case Skagen has got it covered. I couldn”t really tell at first glance but man are these watches slim and come pre built with a story and history. Each design is representative of mother natures blue print and the classic simplicity is something I adore.


For those who are looking for something a little more fun or different, you just can”t go wrong with the Adidas range with all its brightness and spunk. The Karl Lagerfeld range also offers the opportunity to wear a miniature effigy in the form of a Karl Toki doki or if you prefer going it spy style, there are some awesome zipper watches you can”t even tell are times pieces and can be stacked to boot.kl

Fossil“s new offerings for Men and Women hail from the past in to the future and don”t just stop and watches. They had adorable little animal themed bracelets and fox coin purses as well as jewellery which to be honest I hadn”t looked into before. My personal favorite new thing right now are their leather. I can”t believe I ever went without and don”t think I ever will again.

fossil3 fossil2 fossil1

So now that we”ve done the wrist math and thrown the whole thing out the window, tell me, which one would you buy first??


Dear Internets,


The red and white Camper logo has been recognized by my mind for so many years but has never popped into my head when I’m in need for a shoe shopping fix. Perhaps this is due to some misconceived association I have with orthopedic looking things donning my ‘far too young‘ feet. The fact is Camper has far exceeded my expectations on multiple fronts.

Here are some things I just did not know:

1. Camper makes footwear for Women, Men & Children. Read more about the kids collection at our Lifestyle blog, Little Bright Green.


2. Their shoes are surprisingly comfy because of the incredible zig zag and mango cheek looking soles and leather uppers so no more hush puppies and ugly flats

3. While appearing comfortable, when you put them on, they actually look amazing (as modeled by the uber cute Charmaine)


4. Camper collaborates so you get some really special footwear & cool concepts like the Twin collection where the shoes have a theme but the left shoe slightly differs from the right or the Love collection where your feet spell out what your lips don’t have to.



The next time I find myself complaining about my shoes being too uncomfortable or my comfy shoes being too ugly for words, I’ll stop dreaming of my milanese boaters and march myself off to a Camper store and get shopping. Hopefully when your shoes are biting your toes and ankles you’ll find some respite with me. Happy shopping!


p.s. Aussies, don’t forget to enter our giveaway


Dear Internets,

Normally it”s all high heels, band aids and blisters but last week we gave our feet a rest for the Adidas united presentation. The two divisions, Sports Performance and Adidas Originals came together and down the very attractive catwalk in forty amazing looks.

We were most excited to take a closer look at the collaborative designer collections including Adidas by Stella McCartney, Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott and Adidas Originals by Kazuki. Partly because they are always completely amazing, partly because they run off the racks & I can never get my hands on them fast enough.

After sufficient time spent sipping our delicious Boost juice breakfast while mind shopping, we resolved to shop everything for real and slipped back stage. What we found was like a scene from the most terrifyingly glamorous unisex gym change room. To compliment everyone”s athletic build, Jon Pulitano for Redken created the perfect wet-look hair paired with dewy minimal make up by Natasha Severino for M.A.C.

The perfect look for this sporty brand was given a little renowned edge with electric blue mascara, which seems to be trending at the moment. Eventually drawing our gaze back to the clothes and shoes, I caught the glint of Metallica foil clothing, winged shoes and a perfect frilled tartan tracksuit. Why is it I never look that good in a track suit?

All snaps property of Bright Green Laces except for this one above from Little Hero

So thrilled with what we saw, we”re going to the Adidas store today to shop the current season. A big thank you to NAC media group for inviting us to give you guys the back stage scoop and Little Hero PR for the information. We”ll be bringing all our favorite snaps from the runway soon so keep those eyes peeled. You won”t want to miss it!

 ♥ pixelhazard
is definately not a model